Fascinating pre-1894 picture of Andreae Shop at Main Street, Millstreet

We extend sincere thanks to Maurice Buckley of Cork
We extend sincere thanks to Maurice Buckley of Cork for this absolutely magnificent picture of the Andreae Sisters’ Shop in Main Street, Millstreet taken before 1894.   Maurice also very kindly provided (below) excellent background information regarding the picture and also in regard to the history of the Andreae Family in Millstreet.  Click on the image to enlarge.   (S.R.)

Maurice Buckley writes:  “The man in the photograph is likely to be Agustus Andreae the owner of the shop and some of his daughters.
Agustus inherited the shop from his mother (a widow) after she died 31/03/1858.

Agustus married Catherine Dennehy (a shop assistant from Millstreet in 1880) and they  had 5 daughters, and a son:

  • Margarita Maria born 12/9/1883,
  • Brigida Maria 13/10/1885, 
  • Sophia Maria 14/5/1888,
  • Maria 9/5/1890,  
  • Ellena Maria 29/03/1892.
  • Gululmus (William) Joseph Andreae, but he died aged 6 months.

The girls were known, as far as I know, as Margaret, Bridget, Sophie, May,and Elsie.   None of them married.  

Agustus had 2 sisters Margaret and Sophie Andreae:

  • Sophie was my great grandmother who married Maurice Quinlan and lived in Kingwilliamstown (Ballydesmond). Maurice died on Feb 9th 1890 in Kingwilliamstown, son David present at death. [1901 census]. [1911] [1911 Sophie  in Newcastle West]. Sophie died in September 23rd 1916 in Newmarket.
  • Margaret never married but looked after the 5 girls after their mother died in 1908. Agustus predeceased his wife Catherine on 28/03/1894.

The original Andreaes who came to Millstreet were 2 brothers – William and Augusta.   Both were German Lutherans. They came around middle to late 1830s.   William was married to Margaret Browne said to be from the Castleisland area they were married in London in 1835.

The other brother Augusta never married and served in the local church of St. Anna’s (in Pound Hill) as Church Warden 1860-1875.

Together they started a bakery etc. and it appears business grew from there.   William died in 1844 aged 36 and is buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery as he became Catholic after the birth of their first child.

Augusta died in 1884 and is buried in St. Anna’s Cemetery in Pound Hill, Millstreet.”


Epitath on headstone in St.Patrick’s Church Cemetery: “Erected in memory of Augustus Andreae who died 28th march 1894 aged 52 years. Also his beloved child William aged 6 months and to his young mother Margaret Andreae who died 31st May 1858 age 49 years”. The grave is at the very back corner behind the sacrastry (full details on HistoricGraves.com)



Some of the Andreae children were sent to study in Padraig Pearse’s school Scoil Éanna in Dublin (from ‘Ready Willing Waiting: Keale Millstreet Mushera, Rathduane Irish Volunteers 1916’, page 19)

Agustus Andreae died on March 28th 1894. Here is his probate:

Andreae Agustus
Effects £2,494 9s 4d
The Will of Agustus Andreae late of Millstreet County Cork Shopkeeper who died 28 March 1894 at same place was proved at Cork by James Dennehy of Millstreet N.S. Teacher and William Quinlan of Newmarket Shopkeeper both in said County two of the Executors.

Mary Andreae was probably the last of the family in Millstreet. She died in 1970 at Main St, Millstreet :

Andreae, Mary of Main St Millstreet Co. Cork died 2 September 1970 Probate London 24 April £1497 in England and Wales 740113401C – from The England National Probate 1974

1911 Census:

Residents of a house 20 in Main Street (Drishane, Cork)
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Surname    Forename    Age    Sex    Relation to head    Religion
Andrea    Margaret    27    Female    Head of Family    R Catholic
Andrea    Margaret    73    Female    Aunt    R Catholic
Andrea    Bridget    25    Female    Sister    R Catholic
Andrea    Sophia    22    Female    Sister    R Catholic
Andrea    May    20    Female    Sister    R Catholic
O’ Sullivan    Mary    31    Female    Clerk    R Catholic
Brown    Micheal    36    Male    Clerk    R Catholic
Murphy    Denis    18    Male    Clerk    R Catholic
O’ Connor    Albina    19    Female    Servant    R Catholic

1901 Census:

Residents of a house 20 in Main Street (Drishane, Cork)
Surname    Forename    Age    Sex    Relation to head    Religion
Andreae    Kate    41    Female    Head of Family    Catholic
Andreae    Margaret    17    Female    Daughter    Catholic
Andreae    Sophia    12    Female    Daughter    Catholic
Andreae    Mary    10    Female    Daughter    Catholic
Andreae    Elsie    9    Female    Daughter    Catholic
Andreae    Margaret    60    Female    Sister in Law    Catholic
OSullivan    Eugene    22    Male    Assistant    Catholic
OSullivan    Mary    20    Female    Assistant    Catholic
Cronin    Patrick    17    Male    Apprentice    Catholic
Dineen    Kate    55    Female    Servant    Catholic
OShea    Kate    28    Female    Servant    Catholic

11 thoughts on “Fascinating pre-1894 picture of Andreae Shop at Main Street, Millstreet”

  1. Hi Maurice,

    I grew up in this house which my parents, William & Mary O’Leary purchased from The Andreae Sisters. I have never seen this photo before and it’s great to learn about the history of the family and the building.

    Best wishes,

    Catherine O’Leary.

    1. Many thanks, Catherine, for your much appreciated comment regarding our historic pre-1894 picture. Maurice Buckley was so kind to share not only the fascinating picture but to have provided us with so much interesting background information.

  2. Hi Maurice ,my name is Catherine Corridan from Listowel,my mother is Quinlan a granddaughter of Sophia Andraea.We are planning a gathering,could you get in touch with me?087 1361651

  3. Sean – thank you for helping me contact Maurice Buckley (my second cousin)
    I am now trying to get in contact with another cousin, Marie Kelleher. I believe she has published some books on Oregon and the Duhallow trail (?)



  4. On the lease on this property (from 1901):
    “Lease dated 31st October, 1851, from Henry Wallis to Margaret Andrea, for the lives of her children, Sophia, Margaret, and Augustus; and 31 years from gale
    day (the day rent is due) preceding death of survivor. The landlords’ part of this Lease is not forth coming, but a certified copy will be handed to the purchaser.
    The Government Valuation of this Lot £13

    It was listed as lot# 83 when the the Wallis Estate was being sold in 1901
    Gale Days: 25th March and 29th Sept.
    Tenants Name: Reps. Margt Andrea

    Yearly rent: £10 0s 0d
    Quantity of land, statute measure: 0 acres 0 rood 24 perches

  5. Maurice,

    I am so grateful for this wealth of information. Sophia Andreae (Quinlan) was my great grandmother. My grandfather was David Quinlan, born 1911.

    I am so happy to see this image and also to have some of the gaps in my knowledge filled in.

  6. William and Augustus have to be related to my grandads grandad. Andreae is not a common spelling and my name is Buckley, seeing this photo and the two names related all the way back then is such a coincidence. I am from England.

    My grandads grandad was called Herman Andreae and his dad came to London 1815-1830ish. He was German.

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