Video Countdown to the 2013 Cork 20 Rally which will be based in Millstreet-Part 4

To get us in the mood for the 2013 Cork 20 Rally which will be based in Millstreet for the first time ever this year we take a look back at footage from some previous Cork 20 Rallies that have been held over the years to see what we have in store for us in Millstreet with the arrival of this event in October.

This time we go back to the 2000 Cork 20 Rally which had some great competitors competing in it like Andrew Nesbitt, the late Frank Meagher,the legendary Austin Mchale and Ian Greer amongst others,the rally was won that year by Andrew Nesbitt in his WRC Subaru so enjoy some classic footage from what was a very entertaining event.

Over the coming few weeks/months we will feature more Cork 20 footage from years gone by in a build up to what will be a Major Event for Millstreet to be held on 4th, 5th & 6th October 2013.


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