Dan O’ Donoghue

2014-12 Dan O'DonoghueIn Ireland Jack Mullan was known as Mr Coursing when i was a young man
On looking back the Seasons in time that a lengthy span
But to a man from Millstreet Town such a title now does belong
When it comes to coursing dogs and coursing Dan O’ Donoghue never wrong

Three times Irish Coursing tipster of the year quite an amazing feat
When it comes to coursing dogs and their breeding as a judge the one to beat
He is now Ireland’s Mr Coursing something worthy of a boast
To the genial chap of Lackabawn we ought to drink a toast

A larger than life character is the amazing Dan
When he was younger years ago he was a mighty man
But sad to say physically not the man he used to be
Life can be cruel in many ways that is how it seems to me

But as an expert on coursing and on coursing dogs he has come into his own
And in Irish coursing circles he is one who is famous and well known
Far beyond the borders of Duhallow his native countryside
Through the length and breatdth of Ireland he is famous far and wide

It is an honour to know such a man who has brought honour to Millstreet Town
As an expert on coursing and coursing dogs he has earned his own renown
As a young man a manhole builder now he knows of a greater fame
In Irish coursing circles his is a renowned name.

by Francis Duggan, after Dan O’Donoghue won the National Fantasy Coursing Competition for the third time

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