Millstreet Pictorial Updates – 11th July 2022

As we enjoy this glorious weather during the Summer of 2022 we share some recent images reflecting the splendidly happy atmosphere of this time of the year.  Tap on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

A very Happy Birthday to the wonderfully popular Nora Kelleher of Minor Row, Millstreet who on 4th July 2022 was 90 years young.

A recent royal First Birthday Party in Millstreet Town Park.
Margaret Moynihan pictured with her grandson, Conor on Saturday.  Conor whose Dad, Neil hails from Killarney Road, Millstreet as does his grandfather, Michael – is, among his many talents, a renowned International Swimmer – especially in South Africa and far beyond.
Remembering the late Brian Dennehy – true gentleman and actor supreme – at Millstreet Museum on Sunday followed by a special Town Tour. A full feature on this unique event will later be uploaded to our website.

Gillian Gilbourne in her wonderful role as Millstreet’s new Librarian at Carnegie Hall.
The magnificent beauty of Aubane and Mushera especially during this Summer 2022.
Preparing to support LimerickGillian and Raymond Gilbourne at Killarney Road, Millstreet. Raymond is a native of Co. Limerick.

A wonderfully colourful feature at Saturday’s First Birthday Party in Millstreet Town Park.

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