“Radio Treasures” from 9.10 to 11.10pm on CMS Tonight

On this the longest day of the year – 21st June 2022 – Preceded by “Jimmy Reidy & Friends” beginning at 8pm (the repeat of which one may hear after the Maureen Henry Show on Sunday night) we invite you to also tune into “Radio Treasures” this Tuesday from 9.10 to 11.10pm on Cork Music Station.    Feel very welcome to contact the live programme by emailing corkmusicstation @gmail.com or texting 086 825 0074 – One may also WhatsApp that number.   Tonight’s programme includes lots of uplifting songs, music, musings and requests.  Also:

  1.  The significance of the number 102!!   See the following to learn about the amazing fundraising 102km Big Walk for Little Lives which recently took place in Co. Waterford…..This is a summary of the story as told by Maria and Jonathan Radley Our daughter, Christina, was born extremely prematurely at 27 weeks + 4 days on 25.06.2021 in CUMH, weighing 1 pound 2 Oz. To our absolute naivety, little did we know the journey Christina and all of us would have ahead of us. Her “new womb” aka Neonatal ICU (NICU) through state of the art technology, the most amazingly gifted and more importantly caring people, Christina survived & thrived, with a lot of bumps & hurdles along the way. For the duration of Christina’s time in NICU (102 days), Brú Columbanus became our “home away from home”. A family room at this amazing facility was made available to us with absolutely no requirement of payment. This meant that we were within walking distance of  Christina at all times. To this extent, no words will ever suffice on our behalf for both Neo ICU & Brú Columbanus however we feel it’s the least we can do to raise funds for both facilities and more importantly raise awareness of what amazing and devoted people they are. Thank you for your support x   And one may still donate to the fundraising by tapping on the following link:  https://www.idonate.ie/fundraiser/11438623_the-big-walk-for-little-lives.html?fbclid=IwAR36eToS4pz-mf1NCkLSXmm9rQbIb-3MvgBk85thRtbAvtFJTwhX7GP5pDQ
  2.  Hugely successful Bumbleance Car Run.
  3.  Rathcoole Airfield Visit.
  4.  Corpus Christi Procession 2022.
  5. Remembering our Faithful Departed.
  6. 89th Birthday Celebrations.
  7. Chatting about the images below.   Tap on the pictures to enlarge.
  8. Happy Listening!
    Magnificent Traditional Concert at Newmarket’s Cultúrlann held last week when Pat Fleming’s brilliant CD was officially launched.

    William Fitzgerald and Bernard Crowley – two of the main organisers of the Annual Bumbleance Car Run.

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