A Very Happy Truly Wonderful 106th Birthday Julia Murphy

Sunday, 26th April 2020 is the very important date of the magnificent 106th Birthday of the truly wonderful Julia Murphy of Gortavehy in the parish of Millstreet.   To celebrate the superb occasion we look back at Julia’s 105th Birthday as celebrated in Millstreet Day Care Centre.   To dear Julia we extend our sincere best wishes on such a marvellous Birthday.  Every Blessing and Joy always as you inspire the world with your amazingly positive and uplifting spirit.   May you long continue to sing your great songs and enjoy the magical world of music.   On Tuesday’s “Radio Treasures” on Cork Music Station (28th April 2020) we shall pay a musical tribute to Julia.   Here we share some images from Julia’s 105th Birthday Celebrations.  (S.R.)A very special Happy Birthday to Julia Murphy who Celebrates a superb 106th Birthday today. Julia is a relation of Gary McSweeney who works in our store here in Mallow and Julie was always a loyal customer in our sister store at Herlihy’s Centra Millstreet.

Happy Birthday Julia from the Herlihys and all the Staff on this very special occasion.

Enjoy your day ❤️

And here we see Julia enjoying her 106th Birthday today in Killarney. We thank Herlihy’s Centra of Mallow and Millstreet for sharing this magnificent image on their Facebook Page.  Thanks also to Denis Hickey for alerting us to this outstanding feature by Herlihy’s Centra and the excellent image.  Tap on the picture to enlarge.  (S.R.)


Julia celebrates 106th birthday in style in Killarney (the Kerryman)

Julia celebrates 106th birthday in style (the Corkman)



2 thoughts on “A Very Happy Truly Wonderful 106th Birthday Julia Murphy”

  1. Congratulations on this milestone Birthday, a great achievement. This is a lovely photograph of you on your Birthday. Julia may you be blessed with continued good health and happiness in the coming year.
    Very best wishes
    from a well wisher

  2. Julia of Toorbonia her praises by many sung
    World War One was being fought when she was very young
    She was in the prime of her life at the start of World War two
    Her son Donal in his seventies is one who is ageing too

    At one hundred and six years Julia Murphy her better days long gone
    But she is one who loves life and she is living on
    She has lived through economic depressions and many war years
    And all of those she went to school with have long been farewelled in tears

    Julia of Toorbonia an easy life did not enjoy
    I remember seeing her drawing buckets of water to her home when i was a boy
    On the mountain road west of Millstreet Town more than six decades ago
    And time that ages everyone has long since become my foe

    Quite tall and in her forties then and striking to behold
    Julia of Toorbonia refuses to grow old
    A kind and caring person and always a joy to meet
    Nowadays a living legend in the old Town of Millstreet

    Of her amazing life’s journey she has many stories to tell
    Julia of Toorbonia she has aged rather well
    One hundred and six years of living in truth of her one can say
    There are not many of her age living in the World today.

    “Julia Of Toorbonia” is by Francis Duggan

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