Magnificent Adrivale Painters Exhibition at Cork’s School of Music

On Friday, 5th Oct. 2018 at Cork’s School of Music, Union Quay the official launch of the Adrivale Painters Exhibition took place in the presence of many Artists, the Deputy Lord Mayor of Cork, Family and Friends including a visiting Bishop, famous Sports People and a gifted pianist from Ardmore, Co. Waterford.   The official launch was performed by the Deputy Lord Mayor while the keynote address was superbly delivered by Seán O’Riordan (formerly of Drishane Road, Millstreet) in which he very especially praised the Art Teacher Supreme – Neil Kelleher of “Adrivale”, South Douglas Road, Cork. We very much recommend a visit to the excellent Exhibition before it ends in the School of Music at the end of this week.  Below we share the first of a number of images recalling the most enjoyable launch which actually coincided with a wonderful Concert in the same building that night celebrating the Cork Folk Festival 2018.  Click on the image to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Included in our image of the official launch of the Adrivale Painters Exhibition at the School of Music, Union Quay, Cork….Fiona Soden (third from left) who coordinated the launch…Neil Kelleher, Art Teacher supreme (fifth from left) whose grandmother came from Adrivale, Millstreet…And (on extreme right) Seán O’Riordan, Cork & Millstreet who delivered the keynote address.

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  1. Neil Sean nice to see my ‘young cousins’ looking so well my grandmother also came from adrivale regards from a very warm pembroke

    Bob Wiseman

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