“Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm Today on C103

We thank John Greene for the much appreciated advance information on his Radio Documentary this week.  “Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm Today (Sunday, 21st May 2017) on C103 is presented by John.  (S.R.)

Lough Hyne is Irelands first Marine Nature Reserve and one of the most beautiful spots in the country. It’s situated 5 kilometres South-West of Skibbereen, just off the Skibbereen Baltimore road.

The marine lake is connected to the Atlantic Ocean via Barlogue Creek by a narrow channel known as the rapids. The area is a scientists paradise, steeped in history and with more folklore than you can imagine. Its history though is at times tragic, as half the population here died during the famine. Also, Fineen O’Driscoll, the last great O’Driscoll chieftain spent his final days here, destitute and alone in his island castle in the centre of Lough Hyne.

This week on Where the road takes me, and in the first of a two part programme, John Greene travels around the lake with Terri Kearney – Manager of Skibbereen heritage Centre. Terri has written two books on the area, her latest entitled ‘Lough Hyne – From Pre History to the present.’

Along the way we delve into the history and folklore of the area, and we meet marine biologists, biology students from the US and the local caretaker of the lake.

Lough Hyne – one of the most important marine habitats in Europe – its history and folklore on Where the road takes me, this Sunday evening at 7pm on C103.

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