Patricia Expresses Thanks and Remembers Bridget

We recently received the following from Patricia Guerin:   “Patricia Guerin would like to thank all those who have helped her out with her appointments during the year.   Mass has been offered for your intentions.   I thank you most sincerely….Patricia”

Patricia also remembers the late Bridget King who certainly enriched all our lives.  Patricia writes as follows:  “In loving memory of a dear Friend – Bridget King – I knew Bridget for a long time.  She had a very interesting life.  She travelled a lot.   She took great interest in people and in her very many Friends.   She appreciated everything that was done for her.  We had a great chat before Christmas and she thoroughly enjoyed talking especially to those from the Millstreet area.   She will be sadly missed by her Family and many Friends.  May Bridget rest in peace.  Patricia Guerin.”