Storm Frank: Water Water Everywhere

The western side of Drishane Bridge, with the railway line on the opposide side of the flooded field

Storm Frank brought incessant rain all yesterday afternoon (76.9mm in total in town). On top of ground that was already totally saturated, all the rain went straight to the rivers and flooding was inevitable. This morning the Blackwater and Finnow are at the highest they’ve been in a number of years. Loads of roads in the area are closed, so travelling today isn’t a great idea. photos below are thanks to Michelle. (For lots more photos/videos/info on flooding in Cork, see Cork Flood Alerts)

Wallis’ Bridge (or Drishane Bridge) What you don’t see is that the arches under the bridge were totally underwater for a while :-\

2015-12-30 Blackwater water height at Keale Bridge

The Blackwater peaked at 8am this morning at a height of 3.233m, the highest it’s been in a number of years.

Video:Flooding at Colthurst Bridge, Rathcoole

From Drishane Bridge, looking downstream to the Railway Bridge near where the Blackwater and Finnow meet

IMG_20151230_095436341_HDR-800 IMG_20151230_101747995_HDR-800 IMG_20151230_095321923-800 IMG_20151230_095347285_HDR-800 IMG_20151230_095457596-800 IMG_20151230_095353485_HDR-800 IMG_20151230_094614647_HDR-800 IMG_20151230_101915238_HDR-800

The Finnow burst its banks at Drishane Castle, where asaylum seekers are currently residing.

2 thoughts on “Storm Frank: Water Water Everywhere”

  1. dear Michael I pray that the people of the whole area were not badly injured or worse I wish I was younger I would be over back home in a flash if I collected as much clothes and shoes here would it help also can you tell me how bad was ballydaly hit and how are all my friends and relations please let me know and if I send a parcel of clothes and shoes some new would it help god bless from Andrew sheehan

    1. Because there are floods most years, no-one lives on flood plains around here Andrew. Usually the worst is that few roads are impassable for a while, or some water builds up where a drain gets blocked, and causes isolated incidents.
      … but we’re all just sick to death of this rain as the December just gone has been the wettest month on record in Cork.

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