It Has Been A While Since I Walked By Finnow

It has been a while since i walked by Finnow
And in a rushy field heard the soft lowing of a cow
After sundown in the twilight of the day
In the prime of the Spring on an evening in May

It has been a while near the Town of Millstreet
That i walked in the field where the waterways meet
And heard dark brown water bird dipper with breast white as snow
Singing his scratchy song where the river rapids did flow

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Storm Frank: Water Water Everywhere

The western side of Drishane Bridge, with the railway line on the opposide side of the flooded field

Storm Frank brought incessant rain all yesterday afternoon (76.9mm in total in town). On top of ground that was already totally saturated, all the rain went straight to the rivers and flooding was inevitable. This morning the Blackwater and Finnow are at the highest they’ve been in a number of years. Loads of roads in the area are closed, so travelling today isn’t a great idea. photos below are thanks to Michelle. (For lots more photos/videos/info on flooding in Cork, see Cork Flood Alerts)

Wallis’ Bridge (or Drishane Bridge) What you don’t see is that the arches under the bridge were totally underwater for a while :-\

2015-12-30 Blackwater water height at Keale Bridge

The Blackwater peaked at 8am this morning at a height of 3.233m, the highest it’s been in a number of years. [read more …] “Storm Frank: Water Water Everywhere”