A Day of Floods

Last night brought torrential rain to Munster, but Millstreet seems to have been one of the worst affected spots. The rain gauge at Tubrid measured 78.1mm from when the rain started at 8pm last night to when it stopped at lunch time today. After a very wet fortnight, all this excess rain had nowhere to go but into the rivers which  flooded everywhere. The river gauge at Keale Bridge  reached its maximum at about 2:30pm today, and flooding has been going down quickly since. Below are some photos of the flooding from around Millstreet.

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Storm Frank: Water Water Everywhere

The western side of Drishane Bridge, with the railway line on the opposide side of the flooded field

Storm Frank brought incessant rain all yesterday afternoon (76.9mm in total in town). On top of ground that was already totally saturated, all the rain went straight to the rivers and flooding was inevitable. This morning the Blackwater and Finnow are at the highest they’ve been in a number of years. Loads of roads in the area are closed, so travelling today isn’t a great idea. photos below are thanks to Michelle. (For lots more photos/videos/info on flooding in Cork, see Cork Flood Alerts)

Wallis’ Bridge (or Drishane Bridge) What you don’t see is that the arches under the bridge were totally underwater for a while :-\

2015-12-30 Blackwater water height at Keale Bridge

The Blackwater peaked at 8am this morning at a height of 3.233m, the highest it’s been in a number of years. [read more …] “Storm Frank: Water Water Everywhere”

Get off yer Backsides!

While having a few of the black ones the pub last week I got to talking to a young lad of about thirty that was in for a similar hit, and who was giving out about the state of the council, leaning on their shovels, arriving for work late, extended tea breaks, and any other bit of idling they could get up to. Sure, people were talking about the council on the radio all day as well so it was fine to do it.

Now God bless them if those lads can get away with it, and I know that shoveling is a tough job cos God knows  I’ve spent enough time doing it myself, but surely they themselves realise that if they don’t pull up their breeches they themselves will be joining the dole queues as have some of their compatriots already due to this damn recession thing that’s apparently going on at the moment.

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Bad Weather Continues

These calves didn't like the look of the watery breakfast in store for them.
These calves didn't like the look of the watery breakfast in store for them!

The last two weeks weather has been really terrible. Daily flooding seems to be the order of the day at the moment, because all ground is saturated to the last. Hopefully the rest of the winter will dry out a little, and let life get back to some sort of normality.