LTV2 Millstreet Programme 244 Now Online

LTV2 Millstreet Programme 244 is now online right here on and on The LTV2 Facebook Page. Happy Viewing.

Programme Schedule
00:00 Cullen Annual Sponsored Weigh-in in aid of Cullen and District Special Needs Association with Seán Radley on the microphone
— 02:20 Interview with Bernard Moynihan
— 09:15 Interview with musician Michael Flemming
— 15:05 Seán gets weighed
16:43 Eily’s Regional Report
22:46 Happy Birthday Seán
27:42 Brendan and Jerry – on LAMA, Francis Duggan, on predicting the weather for the year ahead
— 32:20 People arrive on top top of Clara for the blessing of the new cross on top of Clara Mountain on 4th of July 2013. With Seán Radley, Dan Duggan, Brendan Kelleher, Fr James, John Dineen … and more.
— 42:12 Speaker Noel Buckley talks about the history of the crosses on top of Clara
–45:40 Blessing of the cross by Canon John Fitzgerald
50:35 Seán and William introduce the Womens little
— 52:50 The 5th Women’s Little Christmas Party in the Wallis Arms Hotel
— 55:00 Chief Organiser Mairead Daly address everyone, and gives out some spot prizes
— 1:01:00 Dancing after the meal
1:10:39 Everyone is studio to sing out the show
— 1:11:05 Jerry O’Riordan sings “The Star of Millstreet Town”
— 1:12:10 Eily Buckley sings “If I was a Blackbird”
— 1:13:28 Breeda Piggott sings “the Lightening Express”
— Everyone sings out the show with “You are my Sunshine” & “Good night Irene”

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