Eileen’s Nepal Draw Takes Place at Supervalu this Sat., 28th Apr. at 3p.m.

Eileen O'Sullivan pictured with the magnificent Draw Hamper at O'Keeffe's Supervalu, Minor Row, Millstreet. The Draw takes place on this Saturday, 28th April at 3.00 p.m.. (S.R.)

Details of programme:

Eileen O’ Sullivan is participating in EIL’s Volunteer Abroad programme in Nepal. She will be volunteering in Nepal from 04 June 2012 for 6 weeks. Eileen will be teaching English to disadvantaged children. The programme is organised by EIL- Intercultural Learning, a non-profit organisation that fosters peace and understanding among the peoples of the world. EIL is a designed Peace Messenger by the United Nations. EIL has set up a number of volunteer programmes in developing countries, and has made links with local projects urgently in need of motivated volunteers.

During her time, Eileen will:

  • Undertake intercultural training and orientation
  • Live with a local community
  • Work unpaid for up to 40 hours per week on a volunteer project
  • Make immeasurable contribution to the local community and project

The cost of the trip, including programme costs (living expenses, etc.) and flights are borne by the participants themselves.


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