MonsterMAC 2012 – Time to get Fit

MonsterMAC 2012 – Millstreet Country Park – Saturday 28th April – 10 a.m.

There are three levels of race this year with the inclusion of Ireland’s shortest adventure race for all participants over age 16 eligible to enter.

And if getting fit is one of your 2012 ambitions, like most people starting out for the first time, you’ll need a plan, some support and a few targets like the MonsterMAC challenge.

BabyMAC is part of the now popular MonsterMAC Adventure Challenge offering an ideal distance for a beginner fitness enthusiast with a 3.5km run, 16km cycle and 400m kayak around a crannog lake. You’ll need your own bike and helmet, but the kayaks and compulsory buoyancy aids are provided and many of last year’s participants couldn’t kayak or swim! And you can meet with the more experienced athletes doing the longer distances that day – i.e. BigMAC and MonsterMAC.

Once you’ve risen to a race or an adventure challenge for the first time, you may find yourself hooked and looking for the next challenge and bigger challenges! Remember that the hardest step is the first step outside your own front door…………..

And now that so many of last year’s marshalls have signed up for BabyMAC, we’re looking for even more volunteers to help out on the day.

Join our information meeting on Saturday February 4th at 8p.m. in the Wallis Arms hotel (which is also the venue for the post race party)

Marie Griffin

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