Kate and William to wed in Kilcorney

While Kate Middleton was getting pampered in preparation for her wedding yesterday, bride-to-be Kate Buckley from Kilcorney in Cork was spending the eve of her big day making sure her dairy cows were milked, fed and happy before taking care of herself.
“I was supposed to get my nails done on Tuesday but it didn’t happen,” explained bride-to-be Kate.
Kate said they got engaged last year around August, and the royal couple announced their engagement a short time after.
Meanwhile, Kate’s fiance and fellow dairy farmer William Casey, from Berrings, was also spending the day farming with his father in Inniscarra.
“Our friends and relatives were sending messages and paper clippings of the royal engagement for a joke, and our relations kept saying I hope they don’t pick the same wedding date as you — so it was a shock when we discovered they were to marry the day after us, on the April 29. We were making jokes that they couldn’t pick April 28 because that was mine and William’s day.”

The above excerpt is from an article in today’s Irish Examiner. They were also interviewed on the radio yesterday, but the audio is not currently available.

… and while most of  us know her as Catherine, Kate will do just fine. Hope they have a wonderful day … they have super weather for it too.


On a humerous note the Prince William and Kate Middleton admit that they’re getting married in Co. Cork in the video below!!!

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