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LTV2 Millatreet Programme 186 from LTV2MILLSTREET.
Programme 186 was first broadcast on April 7th last is now online,on this Programme we go to March Fair In Millstreet also we attended The Living Scenes Exhibition at Millstreet CS with Guest Speaker George Hooke along with much more plus all our other regular features on the Programme as well so sit back and enjoy this Programme online right here on the internet.

Programme Schedule

  1. Old King Cole Pantomine in Rathmore-00:00-04:30
  2. Programme Intro-04:31-09:05
  3. Eily Buckleys Regional News-09:06-14:30
  4. Competition and Fun Time-14:31-17:22
  5. Song from Richie Kavanagh-17:23-20:03
  6. Archives Section-20:04-22:25
  7. Singing of Contract to paint Millstreet Church-24:19-37:14
  8. Song from Luke Kelly-39:03-42:25
  9. Song from Irish Rovers-43:20-47:04
  10. Thought By Father James McSweeney-47:20-48:20
  11. March Fair in Millstreet-51:10-01:18:20
  12. Living Scenes Exhibition at Millstreet Community School 01:19:56-01:42:20
  13. Sam Maguire Cup in Aubane-01:42:54-01:55:05
  14. Tribute to Rev John Mullane at Kilcorney Cemetary 01:55:40-End.

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1 thought on “LTV2 Programme 186”

  1. I enjoyed the LTV2 program186 and it brought back fond memories of my trip to Millstreet and speaking with Sean Radley at the museum. I was researching the Dineen/Deneen/ Dinean.\/ or Dinan’s from the area who left in 1851 for America. Though I have not found any place more specific, other than Millstreet, where they had lived, I have a great weight pulling me back there again. I did write up their history in the U.S.A. and will publish it soon. Thanking you again for the music and dance. JohnM. Cole

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