Superb Welcome for American President Joe Biden

What an historic day it has been (Wednesday, 20th Jan. 2021) not only for the USA but for the world with the Inauguration of President Joe Biden – 46th American President today at Capitol Hill, Washington.   He is the second Catholic President.  The first Catholic President – John F. Kennedy was inaugurated on this day 60 years ago.   Both have had Irish Ancestors – President Kennedy linked with Wexford and President Biden with Ballina, Co. Mayo and with Carlingford, Co. Louth.   We wish the new President every Blessing and Success in his all-important role in the next four years.  (S.R.)

President Joe Biden delivering his superbly inspiring inaugural speech on Capitol Hill today – 19th Jan. 2021.

1 thought on “Superb Welcome for American President Joe Biden”

  1. So many of us are sooo happy to see some normalcy in the White House. And—the president quoted Yeats, Heaney and Joyce!! A fine Irishman!!

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