Martin Cahill, Constable R.I.C. (Millstreet c.1901-1920)

Constable Martin Cahill (#43535) was born in Clare in the 1850’s. He Joined the R.I.C in 1878, and was initially sent to Mayo where he stayed for seven years. At the start of 1885 he was transferred to Cork East where he was based in Clonbanin Barrack. A year later he married an Ellen Buckley who lived only a mile east of the station, at Skagh, near Derinagree. After getting married he was then transferred to Dunmanway, then Union Hall, and came back to Millstreet to be stationed there from 1901 to 1919. He and his wife had 17 children, of which 7 were alive in 1911. In Millstreet they lived at Pound Hill, and later at Minor Row. He left the police in 1920 on a pension when the real troubles were beginning to happen, after over 41 years in service, at a time when lots of officers retired because of low morale and a conflict of interest.

Four of their children died young in Millstreet, another five had died earlier in Union Hall. His wife Ellen died here in 1923, and the remaining family seemed to have moved to Killorglin where more got married. Martin died in 1932 in Killorglin and was (most likely) returned to Millstreet to be  to be buried with his wife.

Below are our notes on Martin and Ellen: 


Service Record:

Martin Cahill #43535
Age when appointed: 22
Height: 5’9″ 1/2
Native County: Clare
Religion: Catholic
Date married: 27.7.86
Native County of Wife: Cork E.R.
Recommendations: D.I. Kidd
Trade or Calling: Farmer
Appointment: 8 Feb 78
Transfers: Mayo 28/Sep/78 ; Cork E.R. 15/Mar/85 ; Cork W.R. 10/12/86
Rewards / Marks of Distinction / Favourable records: ???? 26/3/03
Punishments: 8.5.82 ; 30/7/84 ; 22/8/91
Reason for leaving: Pensioned 1.1.1920
Pension: 78
Observations: Continued in Kerry [1]


Family of Martin Cahill and Ellen Buckley

Marriage of Martin Cahill and Ellen Buckley on July 27th 1886 at Derinagree Church by Fr O’Sullivan P.P. He a constable from Lisnabee, son of James Cahill a farmer. She a farmer of scaugh (skagh?) Coolcloher(deleted), daughter of Daniel Buckley a farmer. in the presence of Patrick Costelloe and Michael Buckley. (Civil Register)
Marriage of MARTIUS CAHILL of LUNABUS (?? Lisnabee) and ELLEN BUCKLEY of SCAGH on 27 July 1885 in Dromtariffe Parish, son of James Cahill and Catherine Duggan, daughter of Daniel Buckley and Honoria Anglan. Witnessed by Patrick Costello and Michael Buckley. (Church Register)

Martin is down as living in Lisnabee. I wonder if he was working at Cullen RIC station (was it open then?)? Though his parents names of Cahill and Duggan would be very local!

Children of Ellen Cahill (Buckley) and Martin Cahill (Constable RIC)

  1. Birth of Mary Cahill on May 9th 1887 at Main Street Dunmanway. Died aged 5 years on July 17th 1892 at Main Street Dunmanway, acute tonsillitis 7 days laringitis.
  2. Birth of James Cahill on June 13th 1888 at Main Street, Dunmanway
  3. Birth of Josephine Cahill on December 5th 1889 at Main Street, Dunmanway. Died aged 15 on September 20th 1905 at Pound Hill of meningitis.
  4. Birth of Margaret Cahill on January 30th 1892 at Main Street, Dunmanway
  5. Birth of Nora Teresa Cahill on March 28th 1893 at Skagh (Derinagree), their addresses given at Union Hall – but the child was born and registered in Millstreet, obviously while visiting her family.
  6. Birth of Edward Cahill on January 12th 1894 at Union Hall. Died aged 2 months on March 25th 1894 at Union Hall debility since birth.
  7. Birth of Anne Cahill on March 18th 1895 at Union Hall, Myross (parish)
  8. Birth of Patrick Cahill on March 17th 1896 at Union Hall. Died 12 months on March 9th 1897, measles 10 days broncho pneumonia.
  9. Birth of Martin Cahill on March 24th 1897 at Union Hall. Died aged 2 yrs on January 6th 1900 at Union Hall, debility 12 months diarrhea.
  10. Birth of Bridget Cahill on July 22nd 1898 at Union Hall. Died aged 5 weeks on September 1st 1898 at Union Hall, debility from birth.
  11. Birth of Bernard Cahill on May 13th 1901 at Pound Hill, Millstreet. Died aged 4 months on October 12th 1901 at Pound Hill of convulsions.
  12. Birth of Ellen Cahill on June 8th 1902 at Pound Hill, Millstreet
  13. Birth of John Cahill on February 20th 1904 at Pound Hill
  14. Birth of Mary Cahill on January 18th 1907 at the Barracks Millstreet
  15. Birth of Agnes Cahill on January 10th 1909 at the Barracks Millstreet. Died aged 9 months on October 16th 1909 at the Barracks Millstreet of tabes mesenterica
  16. Birth of Julia Cahill on March 15th 1910 at the Barracks Millstreet
  17. …1911 census says that Ellen had 17 children (7 alive) so 1 is missing somewhere.

1901 census: Residents of a house 10 in Pound Hill (Drishane, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Cahill Martin 44 Male Head of Family
Constable RIC
Roman Catholic
Cahill Ellen 35 Female Wife Roman Catholic
Cahill Josephine 11 Female Daughter
Roman Catholic
Cahill Margaret K 9 Female Daughter
Roman Catholic
Cahill Nora Teresa 8 Female Daughter
Roman Catholic
Cahill Anne 6 Female Daughter
Roman Catholic

1911 census:  Residents of a house 1000 in Coolykeerane (Coomlogane, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
(Martin Cahill)
M 55 Male Co. Clare
farmer’s son
R Catholic
I B 42 Male Co. Galway
C of Ireland

1911 census: Residents of a house 22.4 in Main Street (Drishane, Cork)
His family are living in the Barrack in the Square Millstreet

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Cahill Martin Ellen Head of Family
Cahill Ellen 44 Female Wife
Married 24 yrs
17 children
7 alive
Roman Catholic
Cahill Anne 15 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Cahill Ellie 8 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Cahill John 7 Male Son Roman Catholic
Cahill Mary 4 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Cahill Julia 1 Female Daughter Roman Catholic

I wonder if Nora Teresa is written as Tess Cahill in the 1911 census, listed as a dressmaker at Main Street, Millstreet aged 18 (her projected age).

Death of Teresa Cahill from Millstreet on December 17th  1912 at Millstreet Workhouse; spinster, 20 years; Dressmaker; Pulmonary Tubercolosis, 6 months; John Murphy occupier Union Workhouse Millstreet

Marriage of Maurice ‘Moss’ O’Brien (1865-1948) and Margaret Cahill on June 21st 1917 at Killorglin Church by Rev James Nolan P.P. He a widower and merchant  (Postmaster & Merchant) from Killorglin, son of Maurice O’Brien a merchant, she from Killorglin, daughter of Martin Cahill a policeman. In the presence of J O’Brien and Annie Cahill.

Death of Ellen Cahill on May 26th 1923 at Minor Row, Millstreet, married 58 yrs old, Wife of Martin Cahill R.I.C. Pensioner, Cerebral Haemorrhage 36 hours

Anne married on 25 Jun 1925 to Daniel O’Brien (Naval Officer) (to confirm)

Marriage of William Joseph McCarthy and Julia (Sheila) Cahill on April 15th 1931 at Killorglin Church by Fr. Jeremiah Casey C.C. He a merchant from 32-33 The Mall Tralee, son of Cornelius McCarthy a merchant. She of Main St. Killorglin, the daughter of Martin Cahill, RIC police. In the presence of John C McCarthy and Sheila Brien.

Death of Martin Cahill on August 25th 1932 in Killorglin, widower, 73 years, ex-member R.I.C., cerebral haemorrhage 19 days, Mce O’Brien son-in-law present at death. It is written that he was buried in Millstreet (with his wife one presumes, but maybe she was buried with her family near Derinagree)

Marriage of Thomas Francis and Ellen Cahill on August 19th 1934 in Killorglin Church by Fr F.G. Mangan. He a civil servant from Tralee, the son of Thomas Francis station master. She a civil servant from Tralee, daughter of Martin Cahill an R.I.C. Pensioner. In the presence of John Connaire and Mary Cahill.

Written that Margaret (O’Brien) died after 1948, but when ? Maybe in 1972, but in Glenflesk?

He was born in Clare (from the census) … but his mothers name Duggan is local to here. The police records will tell us more.


Family Grave

The family grave is beside Millstreet Church, right behind the old cinema. It reads [Historic Graves]:

“Jesus Mercy
Erected in Memory of
Martin Cahill, his wife
Ellen, and their children
Teresa, Josephine, Bernard, Agnes

We wonder what happened to the five children that died before the family arrived in Millstreet:

  • Mary (1887-1902 at Dunmanway)
  • Edward (1894-1894 at Union Hall)
  • Patrick (1896-1897 at Union Hall)
  • Bridget (1898-1898 at Union Hall)
  • Martin (1897-1900 at Union Hall)


Eileen Buckley’s Family

(Martin’s wife’s family): Her parents were listed as Daniel Buckley and Hanoria Angland of Skagh in her marriage records:

His wife Ellen was from Skagh, which is about a mile north of Derinagree  Church (Map):

TODO: can’t find parent’s marriage which should be approx 1862/1863 (from the 1911 census)

Baptism of EDMUND BUCKLEY of SCAGH on 7 February 1864 (??  mother listed as Honoria Hanlon – is Hanlon an error?)
Baptism of ELLEN BUCKLEY of SCAGH on 5 May 1865, daughter of Daniel Buckley and Honora Angland, sponsored by Philip Buckley and Ellen Guiney [birth]
Baptism of CATHERINE BUCKLEY of SCAGH on 9 February 1867
Baptism of MARY JOSEPHINE BUCKLEY of SCAGH on 10 April 1868
Baptism of JULIA BUCKLEY of SCAGH on 20 February 1870
Baptism of DANIEL BUCKLEY of SCAGH on 5 August 1871
Baptism of MICHAEL BUCKLEY of SCAGH on 6 April 1873
Baptism of JULIA FRANCES BUCKLEY of SCAGH on 10 January 1875
Baptism of HONORA BUCKLEY of SCAGH on 13 April 1877

Death of Daniel Buckley of Scagh on December 11th 1894, married 69 years, farmer, pneumonia 4 days, Nora Buckley daughter present at death

1901 census: Residents of a house 1 in Skagh (Skagh, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Buckley Hanora 59 Female Head of Family
Roman Catholic
Buckley Daniel 29 Male Son Roman Catholic
Buckley Michael 27 Male Son Roman Catholic
Buckley Julia 25 Female Daughter Roman Catholic

Marriage of Timothy Murphy and Kate Buckley on January 7th 1902 at Millstreet Church by Fr Charles O’Sullivan. He a farm servant of Ardnageeha Cullen, the son of Timothy Murphy (deceased) a farmer, she the dairymaid of Ardnageeha, daughter of Daniel Buckley (deceased) a farmer, in the presence of Lizzie Murphy and William C Casey (civil register).
Marriage of TIMOTHEUS (TIMOTHY) MURPHY of ARDNAGEEHA and CATHERINA (CATHERINE) BUCKLEY of ARDNAGEEHA on 1 January 1902 (ASSUMED), the son of Timothy Murphy and Elizabeth Casey, daughter of Daniel Buckley and Honora Angland by Fr. C O’Sullivan, witnessed by William Casey (Catholic Register)
1901 census: Kate  and Timothy appear in the same house for the 1901 census, where they are listed as “cousins” !!! 🤔. I don’t know where they are for the 1911 census
Timothy Joseph Murphy (1867–1924 Knocknagree) and Catherine (Kate) Buckley (1870–1951, Knocknagree) moved to Knocknagree where they had a pub. They had 6 children:- Lizanne Murphy (1902–1992 Gneeveguilla), Timothy Joseph Murphy (1904–1951 Oregon), Nora Murphy (1906–1967 Knocnnagree, m.Denis O’Connor), Mary Murphy (1907–), Fr. Daniel Murphy(1909–1971 Salesian College, Battersea, London), Michael Murphy (1910–1979 Tralee, m Winifred Rose Sheridan, m. again) [ancestry]

1911 census: Residents of a house 1 in Skagh (Skagh, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Buckley Norah 69 Female Head of Family
married c. 1863, 10 children, 8 alive
Roman Catholic
Buckley Michael 37 Male Son
Farmer’s son
Roman Catholic
Buckley Julia 36 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Casey Daniel 17 Male Servant
Farm servant
Roman Catholic




Injury & Pensions – original recommendations
1st Jan 1921 – 31st Aug 1922
Martin Cahill #43535
Pension already granted: 78.0.0
Pension on Desborough Rate: 164.13.4


Pension Fund Register
He address is listed as Main Street, Killorglin

On his death in 1932, aged 76, compensation went to his daughters Miss Eileen Cahill and Miss Mary Cahill.





[ancestry – Martin Cahill]


Petty Sessions
(Martin Cahill’s mentions at the Petty Sessions)

1885: He is noted in Ballycastle, Co. Mayo [1] [2]

1885: Constable Martin Cahill of Clonbanin brought Denis Sheehan of Kiskeam for being drunk on the public road at Clonbanin in the said county on 25th Dec 1885

1886: He was still in Millstreet on Saturday September 4th 1886, where he was the witness to a Patrick Kelleher of Cloghoulabeg being drunk and disorderly at Liscahane. This was the day before the fair day, so likely he was drafted in for the influx of people.

Nov 1901 – Alcohol Licencing

2nd July 1902 – John Murphy Drunk and Disorderly in Millstreet

… lots of mentions up to his last entry in 1918

14th Jan 1918: That the defendant did unlawfully use a vehicle on the public road at Millstreet in said county without having a lighted lamp attached thereto, after about 6:50pm on the 14th Dec 1917

Further: Constable Cahill 1901-1919 (Millstreet Petty Sessions)


Mentions in the newspapers:

ALLEGED STABBING. Millstreet. Tuesdav. A special court was held to-day, before Dr. R. R. leader. to hear a charge of stabbing against two brothers, named John and Cornelius Buckley, blacksmiths, of Clonbanin. Mr. Beirne. D.I., Millstreet, said the men present in custody were charged with stabbing Denis Duggan, of Clonbanin West, at Lackabane, near Millstreet, on the night of the 1st of August. A deposition was made, and there was not a fully constituted court, there was nothing- be done but adjourn the hearing to next petty sessions. Mr. J.J. Lenahan, solr.. said he appeared for the accused, and on the hearing of the ease it would resolve into one of common assault. He was sure Mr. Bierne would that. He was prepared give respectable bails for their attendance. They were the sole support of an aged father and mother. There being some difficulty in proourng sureties. Mr. Linehan asked to have the amount reduced from £4O and two bails of £2O. to half the amount, the act the outcome of common brawl. They were cr.nking together, and were friends. The magistrate to reduce the bails, and Constable Martin Cahill gave formal evidence of the arrest of the prisoners on the Ist in-st., on charge of stabbing. They were m custody since. On the bail bonds being perfected, the prisoners were released, appear at next petty sessions. [1]



+ more newspaper articles
Martin Cahill – 1904, 1904



Q. When did he and his family move to Killorglin? His wife died here at Minor Row in 1923.

TODO: Eileen’s family?

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