In November In Millstreet

It is cold, wet and windy today near the Town of Millstreet
Near where Finnow the white river and the Blackwater meet
No cattle in the bare fields they are in farmyard sheds eating silage or hay
On the dying days of Autumn on this November day

Brown storm water flowing fast in every field drain
And old Clara half cloaked in the grey fogs of rain
Strong gales from the Boggeraghs howling in the bare trees
And the weather temperature just above zero degrees

With Summer just a memory and Winter quite near
November in Duhallow is a cold and wet time of year
A lot of overcast sky and little sunshine
And a weather temperature average of just above zero to nine 

Near the calendar Winter and far from the Spring
In November in Millstreet the birds never sing
The chill winds of late Autumn from the Boggeraghs blow
And the  migratory redwings chirp on the bare hedgerow

And business even quiet in old Millstreet Town
Few shoppers on the streets waalking up and down
And the steel cross on Clara Hill by fog hidden from view
In November in Duhallow sunny minutes are few.

In November In Millstreet is by Francis Duggan

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