The True Spirit of Christmas as Expressed by Gearóid & Niamh

What a wonderfully heartwarming meeting between Gearóid Moynihan and Niamh Kavanagh at Green Glens, Millstreet in September 2010! Surely the winning smiles of the year!

Niamh Kavanagh, Eurovision 1993 Winner, visited Millstreet in September 2010 to participate in a major Australian Television Documentary entitled “The Secret History of the Eurovision Song Contest” which is scheduled to be broadcast before Eurovision 2011 which occurs on 15th May (the exact date on which the Millstreet Eurovision took place in 1993).   During her brief visit – she stayed at the very welcoming home of Michael & Pam Thornton, Drishanebeg – she got to meet with lots of local people and friends  among whom was Gearóid who rated as one of her favourite Millstreet people.    The true spirit of Christmas is epitomised in this selection of pictures where joy, happiness, friendliness and sincerity is so very evident.

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