“Where the Road Take Me” on C103 Sunday at 7pm

We thank Presenter, John Greene for advance information re this Sunday’s programme – 30th June 2019.  (S.R.)

Who in their right minds would consider going into business in the present economic and social climate?   It’s a very valid question being asked regularly. 

Insurance costs, rules and regulations, health and safety and changes in social habits, all add up to the many reasons why you should consider such a move very carefully. 

This week on ‘Where the road takes me’, John Greene finds out if it was any easier or profitable to be in business – fifty, one hundred, even one hundred and fifty years ago. 

We look at it from the perspective of a shopkeeper in the mid nineteenth century, a doctor in a remote rural area in the 1970s, and how one man inadvertently changed a publican’s fortunes for the better. 

‘A risky business, being in business’ – this week on Where the road takes me – Sunday evening at 7 on C103.

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