“Where the Road Take Me” This Sunday at 7pm on C103

We thank Presenter, John Greene for advance information on this Sunday (30th Dec. 2018) evening’s very interesting programme.  (S.R.)

It’s thirty years ago almost to the day when new broadcasting legislation forced the closure of all pirate radio stations in Ireland. 

This Sunday evening on “Where the road takes me”, John Greene concludes a two part programme which marks the 30th anniversary of a significant milestone in Irish broadcasting history. 

Programme two includes recordings from NCCR, the pirate station in North Cork, and excerpts from the final hour of WKLR in West Cork.

Although the closing night was an emotional night for all concerned, tragedy was also added to the mix in North Cork, when one presenter suffered coronary failure and died almost instantly.  Former C103 engineer John Cahill and current C103 presenter Jimmy Reidy reflect on the occasion with sadness.

‘The day the music died’ – ‘The end of the pirate era’ – this Sunday evening on ‘Where the road takes me at 7 –  on C103.

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