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We thank Presenter John Greene for the following advance information regarding this evening’s radio documentary.  (S.R.)

This year C103 are the sole media partners for the ‘Make your mark on Cancer’ walk which is now in its’ fifth year. The walk Begins at 10am from the Viaduct in Cork on Sunday July 16th next, passing through Innishannon and taking the high road to Bandon and on to the Town Hall. So far they have raised 200,000 Euro for the Mercy Hospital Foundation, and the target this year is to reach the quarter million mark. The walk is in memory of thirty five year old Mark Prendergast who lost a brave battle against testicular cancer at the Mercy Hospital in 2012.

This week on ‘Where the road takes me’, John Greene pays a visit to the Prendergast family to hear the poignant story of a young father, husband, brother and son, whose death has since given hope and comfort to others.

Fiona, his long-time partner speaks about her wedding to Mark in the hospital three days before his death, and how the staff at the hospital acted as wedding organisers at the drop of a hat.

Margaret, Mark’s mother tells us how she still expects him to walk through the door and tell the family that this was just one of his many pranks.

His younger brother Owen talks about the difficulty of getting his head around attending his brother’s wedding and funeral, all in one weekend.


How archaeologists who are presently working on the Bandon River brought joy to the family.

The story behind the ‘Make your mark on cancer walk, this Sunday evening at 7 on C103.

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Extra info on walk.

This year funds raised from the walk will specifically go to the planned Cancer Care Centre which will be built on site at the hospital. This has been a three year dream of the foundation and has been supported so far by the Cork – Bandon Walk.

When completed a floor within the care centre will be named after Mark Prendergast.

Free buses from 8am on the morning of the walk from Kelleher’s on the bridge to the viaduct. Last bus at 09.30am. Walk begins at 10am and can be joined at Innishannon.

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