Eurovision in Millstreet Exactly 23 Years Ago Today!

To mark this historic 23rd anniversary of the most memorable Eurovision Song Contest in Millstreet on Sat. 15th May 1993 we’ve delved into our Museum Archives to recall the many hugely colourful windows throughout the town put in place by two wonderful Artists under the name “Visual Image”.   We are also so very grateful to Ken D. Brennan for presenting three most important Folders of the minutes and notes referring to the preparation for the spectacular event in Millstreet which began at 8pm on the night introduced by Fionnuala Sweeney and of course won by Niamh Kavanagh.  Do enjoy this brief visit down memory lane!  (S.R.) Museum Archive 1571 1993-600Museum Archive 1576 1993-600Museum Archive 1538 1993-600Museum Archive 1540 1993-600Museum Archive 1552 1993-600And we continue with some more superbly colourful windows….Museum Archive 1570 1993-600 Museum Archive 1546 1993-600 Museum Archive 1530 1993-600

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