Nicole to be on the Ray D’Arcy Show

Nicole Ryan will be appearing on the Ray D’arcy Show on Saturday night week:

“Next Saturday 19th January, I will be on the Ray D’arcy Show where you can watch me talking more about the new programme launching next month, the upcoming 3 year anniversary of Alex, and how things are going in general.
Do tune in as it’s going to be good viewing 😊😊” [1]

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On the Edge

alex-ryanVogue Williams – On The Edge last night on RTÉ1, investigated if Ireland’s drugs legislation has served to harm rather than help our drug users? Nicole Ryan featured at the start and the end of the programme, telling about her brother Alex’s death, and the launch of her campaign.

Watch the programme on the RTÉ Player.

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Nicole on Claire Byrne Live

2016-11-28-nicole-ryan-on-claire-byrne-live-rte1In the aftermath of the sentencing for the death of Alex Ryan, Alex’s sister Nicole was interviewed on the Claire Byrne Live Show on RTÉ1 last night, talking about the effects of drugs on families and those left behind, their prevelance in society, how it can happen to anyone. and what we can do to prevent it happening again.

Watch the interview here.

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We let him die with his organs or we give them to someone else who needs them

Yesterday on RTÉ Radio 1, Ray D’Arcy spoke to Nicole Ryan, whose 18-year-old brother Alex died after taking a synthetic drug known as ‘N Bomb’ at a house party in Cork last January.

Nicole spoke about her brother’s death and the difficult decision she and her mother had to make about whether or not to donate his organs.

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