Indexed Graveyards in Millstreet

Below is a list of the graveyards in the Millstreet area that have been indexed, with links to where they have bee published online.

We have never seen the cemetery registers, so does anyone know where they might be?

Drishane Cemetery:
Historic Graves (605)
Find A Grave – New Section (915)
Find A Grave – Old Section (168)
Find A Grave – Sisters of the Infant Jesus (168)

St. Patrick’s Cemetery (Millstreet Church Graveyard):
Historic Graves (375)
Find A Grave (124)

St. Anna’s Church Graveyard (Protestant):
Historic Graves (30)
Find A Grave (25)

St.Mary’s Graveyard: (approx 1969-)
Find A Grave (301)

The Keel (Union Workhouse Graveyard):
Find A Grave (5)

Kilcorney New Cemetery (St. Nicholas’ Church Graveyard):
Find A Grave (2)
Find a Grave – St.Nicholas (1)

Kilcorney Old Cemetery:
Historic Graves (123)
Find A Grave (283)

Cullen Old Cemetery:
Historic Graves (251)

Dromtarriffe Old Cemetery:
— Find a Grave (47)


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