Seán Radley Inducted into Irish Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Congratulations to our own Seán Radley who has been inducted into the Irish Broadcasting Hall of Fame, which is in appreciation of the contribution to Irish history and culture in the media. A huge honour, he is named this year among many well known Irish media personalities like Jimmy Magee, Tommy Gorman, Vincent Browne, Sean Ban Breathnach, Terry Wogan, Joe Duffy, Marty Whelan, Tony Fenton, and more.

Selected in the Alternative Section, they mention that: “Seán is the man behind LTV2, the local Millstreet, Co Cork television channel that for many years operated as a pirate TV channel but most recently as an online station. Sean a former National School Teacher is also the curator of the popular Millstreet Museum. LTV2 features a host of local stories and musicians keeping locals informed of events and forthcoming events, a lifeline in a rural community.”

Seán’s own response is as humble as ever: “Just as Treasa commented above on her message – I am also so totally surprised, honoured and humbled by such a mention in the 2015 Inductees of the Irish Broadcasting Hall of Fame. I would not even have thought that my

weekly “Radio Treasures” programme on Tuesdays at 9.30 pm on and my participation on the LTV2 Team with our regular programmes would have been considered worthy of inclusion with such true legends of Broadcasting in Ireland. Míle buíochas for such a superb mention. Sincere congratulations on your excellent website regarding the promotion of the World of Broadcasting.”

The full list of inductees for 2015 is on the IBHOF website and on the OBHOF page

2015 Irish Broadcasting Hall of Fame - Seán Radley Inducted

2012 winners

Lots and lots of comments with good wishes for Seán are on the Facebook post for this article

14 thoughts on “Seán Radley Inducted into Irish Broadcasting Hall of Fame”

  1. Seanie, sincere congratulations. You are most deservedly amongst the finest of broadcasters and you are, no doubt, Millstreet’s legend!! Well done.

    1. Marie…A million thanks. A totally unexpected uplifting surprise which I feel is meant as a tribute to local broadcasting. It is indeed a real honour to have been mentioned as a representative of all those who involve themselves in such a dedicated voluntary manner in local broadcasting. And sincere congratulations to your good self, Marie, on so superbly coordinating the exquisite audio gem – “Together” with Millstreet Community Singers – which has been so enjoyed by countless people worldwide.

  2. Congratulations Sean on such a wonderful award. You totally deserve it. Willie John and I are absolutely thrilled for you.. Well Done!!

  3. Sean,
    Greetings from Noel and Paddy Bourke in Kilkenny.
    Congratulations on your well earned and deserving Radio Award.
    Hope to make contact on our next Millstreet sojourn in 2016.
    Keep up the good work.
    Ellie Regan and Jack Dennehys Grandsons,still remembering those happy,halcyon days in the shadow of Claragh.

    1. Noel, Paddy, Kathleen, Ita, Eily, Cllr. John Paul O’Shea and the very many thoughtful people who shared uplifting messages on Facebook – Sincere thanks for your much appreciated supportive kind greetings.

  4. Congratulations Sean ! Well deserved. Even though I left Millstreet more than fifty years ago, I feel like I still live there thanks to you and your staff. I usually check the website every day and I am always amazed at the number of events going on. Thanks again.

    1. Pat, Michael & Pam, Russell, Poet Francis and Derry – Sincere and heartfelt thanks for such very kind words. Greatly appreciated. I would not wish to feel that I have been involved in local broadcasting to any greater degree than so many others who have contributed so dedicatedly on a voluntary basis over the years. It’s most encouraging that The Irish Broadcasting Hall of Fame recognises the role of such people and I feel so privileged to have been mentioned as a representative of such local Broadcasters.

  5. Sean, just read the news of your wonderful & well deserved award.
    The people of Millstreet & surrounding areas have known for many years that you are a National Treasure and it is great to see you get the national recognition that you truly deserve.
    Mike & Pam Thornton

  6. Sean Radley of Millstreet is in the Irish Broadcasting Hall Of Fame
    Such a humble man for one of a great name
    For at least four decades the Voice of Millstreet
    Yet none could ever accuse him of conceit

    Though one very famous beyond Millstreet Town
    Sean Radley never gets carried away with his renown
    One who has done so much for his Hometown of Millstreet
    Yet as amiable a person as one could wish for to meet

    So nice to see him recognized for his talents on such a way
    He is one of others who never has unkind things to say
    In his words he never puts down anyone
    His late mother and father in him raised a good son

    That he has received such an award does not come as a surprise
    Since for their talents others in a public way he does recognize
    And though beyond the Town in view of Clara he is Worldwide known
    Sean Radley will always be of Millstreet’s own

    Those who are kind to others good things in return do receive
    On such a life philosophy one has to believe
    Sean Radley to his higher self ever true
    And this latest award is only his due.

    “Sean Radley Of Millstreet” is by Francis Duggan


  7. Millstreet Community Council would like to congratulate you Sean on the wonderful allocade that has been awarded to you . It is nothing more than what you deserve and it is a privilege to have you as part of our community for which you work so enthusiastically and so diligently to promote our town . Take time to relish this honour which is bestowed on you . Well done .

    1. Marie & Members of Millstreet Community Council – Sincere thanks for your greatly appreciated very kind comments. What the Community Council has contributed to Millstreet over many years is utterly enormous and has been responsible for many hugely important developments. Long may your great work continue for generations to come.

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