3 thoughts on “Bridge work continues at the Boeing”

  1. the question that dan kiely has asked is the same one I wanted to know is it the same dan kiely from balydaly as that was our very special swimming place just up from the old stepping stones if its the same place it hope they don’t ruin it or move them stepping stones the beauty of the whole area is truly so beautiful it meant such a lot to all the lads dan and con kiley donie timmie mangan who lived just up road from the railway bridge where I lived there were lots of us but I cant remember all their names but we all went to rathuvane school and it was where I first learnt to swim they through me in let me flap like a deminted salmon until I got to the bank but from that day forward I became a very good compedent swimmer first class coaching eh haha but later on when I had to leave to go to England I was one of best swimmers in the English school.i do hope the construction workers have not took too many of trees down iam sure once its built they keep our wonderful memories and all our illusions of them after nature will grow its beauty back it would be great who ever took those photos make a photo diary just a thought regards andrew6

  2. Dan & Andrew – Yes, the construction is taking place quite close to where it is believed people used to swim at the Boeing. It is on the western side of the stepping stones. The uplifting development will be of great benefit to many.

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