Buckleys in Derragh, Cullen

Bridget Buckley from Derragh, Cullen. She died in Iowa in 1895 aged 78Bridget Buckley was born in Derragh, Cullen, in 1822, the daughter of William Buckley and Catherine Sullivan. Bridget emigrated to the US in 1849. Her brothers Timothy, William, Daniel and John emigrated at about the same time. They all lived for several years in Massachusetts before Bridget, William and Daniel acquired farms in Iowa, together with the Irish spouses they met and married in the US.

Does anyone have any information about this Cullen family? About family members who remained in the area? Bridget has more than 300 direct descendants living mainly in the US. They will not all come to visit you, I promise. But many are eager to learn more about their Irish ancestor.

Marilyn Cummings Warman, Delft, the Netherlands, <email>

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