1 thought on “International Day For Elimination of Violence Against Women”

  1. To be honest i find the title “International Day for the Elimination of Voilence Against Women” a little bit misandronistic, when 40% of all domestic violence is by women (a UK figure from 2003 to 2010 which would correlate pretty well here) … and the photo in the poster only server to copperfasten the image of women as victims, and that physical violence is the only form of abuse.

    i’m sure the motives of the organisers (Love and Care For People Worldwide) are well intentioned, but we need to instill in ALL of our children that any instance of domestic violence, be it physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, or economic, by male or female is unacceptable. It’s probably too late to teach many of us older stock, but it is still worth trying.

    Even Mary Lou McDonald TD in the video above is at pains to mention that men are on the receiving end too.

    The video below is a pretty good representation of how people reacted when confronted with domestic violence in public and the same situation has been replicated all over the world:



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