Changes to the C103 Regional Reports

Some may not have noticed, but at the end of Eily’s Regional Report this week she notes: “Please take note that my weekly report will no longer be heard live on radio, except for a 30 seconds snippet, which will be heard at 10.30 on Tuesday mornings. After that my full report can only be accessed online, I believe that all the reports from round the county will be run starting at 10.30 on Tuesdays. I am sorry for all the people who aren’t online. However the new change will mean that people at home and all over the world will now be able to get the reports live from wherever they are at any time. Poor consolation I know for all those who don’t have computers. Modern methods always come at a price, unfortunately.”
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2 thoughts on “Changes to the C103 Regional Reports”

  1. There’s a lot of people who look forward to the Regional Reports from all over Cork. Many of these don’t have a computer, and it keeps them in touch with the news locally.I think it’s a further step in the isolation of more vulnerable people in our communities, following on from the closure of services such as shops, pubs, post offices, banks etc in our smaller towns and villages.

    Here in Millstreet, we’re very fortunate that Eily takes the time and effort to type them up so that they can be published on Every week, about 500 people read it on Most other communities are not so fortunate, and if they miss it on the radio well that’s it.

    It may be commendable that C103 want to put them online, and surely there would be a wider audience if they put the podcasts online as well as on air, but to remove it from the airwaves at the expense of those that listen every day?

    Their history of online content is pathetic. yes they stream live online, but their “Listen Back” section is empty after a number of years. God knows why they’re doing it, maybe they want more people on their website, maybe it’s a marketing thing, maybe they want all broadcasting to be relevant to all listeners? Is it not supposed to be a local radio station?

    1. Yes, Michael, bringing about this totally unnecessary change in the broadcast of Eily’s hugely valuable weekly Regional Report is certainly not enhancing the concept of what Local Radio is meant to project. Instead of limiting the broadcast to a mere 30 seconds it should have been the lengthening of the 6 minute broadcast which should have been a priority. While Eily’s Report will of course continue to be widely read on a global basis on the Millstreet Website not hearing Eily’s wonderfully distinctive and very professional broadcasts (on local radio except for the headlines but now available in a complete podcast) marks such a significant change in how Local Radio has developed. I’m sure that it is the sincere hope of so many that there will be an immediate reversal of the present policy on Regional Reports. Having some experience in the preparation of such weekly reports I know personally that it is no small task to produce such comprehensive reports on a weekly basis. Well, well done to Eily for having been so dedicated to her very important and much appreciated Reports. One bright note however…I’ve just discovered that c103 has now uploaded a very clear podcast of Eily’s Tuesday Report and has given the complete 6mins 32secs transmission. So that podcast facility is to be much welcomed in that it is very clear and is using upgraded technology. Well done to Michael for creating the Survey presently online.

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