Ned Twohig

Tomorrow will not dawn for everyone as Ned Twohig used to say
The wise old bloke of Annagloor with words did have a way
One never flustered by life he lived to a good age
The easy going old fellow he was a local sage

As a young man Ned Twohig left Ballydaly for the U S of A
But in Annagloor in view of Clara where he grew old and gray
He lived with his wife Elly nee Dennehy and their daughters Mary and Nora and his brother in law Con
Years back when i was younger in Seasons now long gone

Amongst the deceased of Millstreet Parish Ned Twohig’s bones do lay
As a mentor of my younger years fond memories of him with me stay
He went through life without making an enemy people like he was are few
One who learned from the book of life and so much of life he knew

All i have left are the memories of the people of my past
And time has left me aging on my life ticking fast
The Ned Twohig i remember was well past his life’s elan
But he was wise and worldly and quite a gentleman

For all of us a final Winter and Spring, Summer and Fall
And all we have left are the memories of our past to recall
But such marvelous mental images of the what was i retain
And in my flights of fancy Ned Twohig lives again.

“Ned Twohig” is by Francis Duggan

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