Upcoming Training Programme: Duhallow Historic Graves – Care, Conservation and Surveying

All Community Members and Individuals interested in learning more about Historic Graves and how to Care for them, Conserve and Record them are invited to take part in an upcoming training programme delivered by IRD Duhallow. This training programme will link in with Archaeologists to ensure that our communities can learn to document elements of our heritage, local history and genealogy. Our graveyards are crammed full of history and stories about the people and communities who use them. IRD Duhallow, across a six week period will be delivering training in historic graveyards throughout the Duhallow Region. We are asking as many people as possible to get involved in this free training and to find out more or to submit an expression of interest please contact Mary on 029 60633 or by email at <email>

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Training Programme: Duhallow Historic Graves – Care, Conservation and Surveying”

  1. Good Evening, from California,
    Will the names and others information from the graves be posted at Ancestry.com?
    I very mich enjoy reading the new from Millstreet. My daughter and I visited several years ago.
    We are descendants of Kellehers and others from Millstreet.

  2. Greetings from Millstreet, Joan. Delighted that you enjoy our Millstreet website for its daily updates of news. If a survey is carried out in Millstreet Cemeteries there is a likelihood that lots of the information will be shared on the web. However, the above course is open to a much wider area of Duhallow and depends on local communities to undertake such surveys having received the relevant training.

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