Eily’s Report – 6th December

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to my weekly Report.

Yes. yes, and thanks for asking, I passed my NCT. My little Renault Clio sailed through it and the nice man in charge even conveyed me to my car to present me with my papers. So wish me safe motoring, till the next time.

The joy of seeing our town all lit up for Christmas is so uplifting. They were plagued by doubt as the months went on but old traditions are hard to kill and God Bless our people they forged ahead in spite of all. The crowd was bigger than ever, many from foreign soil as Liam Flynn addressed them and introduced Sean Radley pressed the switch following a slow count down from ten. It turned our Town Square into a wonderland of lights and colour, while a clear moon played it’s own part as it shone down from a clear night sky on a calm cold night. Then there was a flurry of excitement when Liam said that Santa would be coming on any moment. Next up was our Millstreet Pipe Band, (including Padraig O Driscoll) followed by a brightly decorated  convoy drawn from our Vintage Club and ending with a surprise of surprises, Santa himself arriving by Air Ambulance.  (A replica mounted on a trailer may I add). The wonder in the faces of the little children and indeed grown–ups was a joy to behold. Friendly Sergeant Paul Lynch and his colleagues were on full alert to see that nothing marred the joy of the occasion.  No words of mine could do justice to the event. Following three years of a break our Mná na hÉireann did us proud. Needless to say they got great help from many men, but they were the ring leaders who put all the wheels in motion. This year we missed the one and only Noel Buckley, who is temporarely incapacitated and wish him well.  Following  his  hip  replacement he will be back with us again DV. Now that our town lights are in full bloom it’s up to us all to add our own sparkle to the grand return of Christmas cheer following all the woes of the awful Corona Virus.

This coming weekend December 10/11  St. Vincent de Paul church gate collections will be held at over the country. In one massive drive this popular Charity will ask us all to dig down deep so that it’s members can go out to all parts of our towns and  countryside and with the help of our contributions make sure that every need is met on time for the Holy Season of Christmas. In order that nobody is left out ,they need a lot help and not just from those who can give help but also help from those who need it. It is imperative that they know who are in need. The saddest thing for them is that they missed someone. To find that perhaps some were  too embarrassed or for some other reason that they couldn’t bring themselves to let a member of St.V.de Paul know of their plight. As a result of Covid many misgivings or feeling of shame has been brushed under the carpet because through no fault of their own people have found themselves in a place they never dreamt they would. But regardless to status or wealth or the lack of, people still need food and shelter, children must be fed and get light and heat  and human misgivings have to be set aside in such situations. Domestic violence and foolish pride can also be a factor. But no matter how bad it may be, there are still ways where people can get help. Everybody knows somebody a somebody who is willing to make that vital link. This weekend is all about giving, so please give all you can .

I was sorry to miss the lovely show and sale of work plus refreshments  which was held at the Day Centre on Sunday but I’m reliably informed that it was  very well supported and a great success. Well done.

The Cullen Special Needs Association held their first Mass & Christmas Party on Saturday afternoon after the three year break. Mass was celebrated by Canon John and  it was rather sad when he read out the long list of their members who have passed away in that length of time. Leaving just six ladies to keep the wonderful Special Needs going. Well done once again to Mná na hÉireann for staying with it. They were very thankful for the help they got  to make their return the great successful event that it was . Further to that their annual Weigh-In will return again in the New Year.

This Thursday is December 8th the feast Day of the Immaculate Conception and a Holy Day of Obligation. Church Services are as for Sunday. I always saved that day to write my Christmas Cards. We went to Mass ,and observed the Sabbath in that there was no work done on the land , and after dinner the children were free to do their own thing while I settled down to my writing. When you advance in years you lose a lot of old friends but I still have one school friend ,now living  out of regular contact , but every year I send her a Christmas card and even though we have no previous notice, I always get hers on the same day that she gets mine. Works every time.  School friends are indeed precious gifts for life. I wonder how many people will go back to  sending cards this year. Will the long break  by covid make a difference. As well as that a lot of folks have passed away since then. Now I find people in doubt. Some are slow in sending a card  to someone in case they have decided to drop the idea and in getting one they have to return the favour. Time will tell. E-Mail and texts are fast taking over the custom.

Posting is another thing. Oh please buy your stamps in bulk. I met an elderly man at the Post Office last Friday, the que was from the door, there he stood  letter in hand in line waiting to buy one stamp. Knowing him I asked him for it and he gave me the money and went his way while I did the needful for him with my own. A book of  20 Christmas stamps can be bought for €20 and would be an ideal way to make your seasonal mailing less stressful. Maybe give someone a gift of one.

Our Community Council 2023 Calendar is in all the shops. It’s full of lively colourful pictures etc. from the past year ,with a fine image of our renowned Carnegie Hall on the cover. The proceeds will go to our Website Fund.  At €10 it’s a great stocking filler. Please look out for local fare, shop at home, the choice is endless and most places do vouchers.  You can buy your natural Christmas tree in the town square  on December  8,10,13,or 16, from 2pm  delivered if necessary.

Every Good wish to the lovely Norah Hickey (Moynihan) who is launching her new single today. Look out for it  before Christmas and also Paddy Murphy’s CD of no less than 30 items of songs and poems and dialogues. Ideal Christmas Gifts.

Here are the results of this weeks lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were 11,12, 22, 27,and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Julia O Riordan, Killowen, The seller was Coleman’s & they got €50 sellers prize. €50 went to Mary McSweeney, Killarney Rd.  C/O Eily.  €20 each went to Teresa Kelleher, Liscahane. Mary Ryan, Dooneen, James O’Sullivan, c/o Lehane & Robert, Mick & Mairead, Fairfield Rise, Noreen O’Connor, Lackabawn. Noreen O’Mahony, Park View, Donn O’Reilly, Cloghoulabeg, and Tom Corbett ,Gurrane, Next draw Sunday December 12  Jackpot €4,600.

As well as lightening up the town the illuminations lit up the new business sign in the Town.  At what used to Dick Barrett’s  is   now replaced by “The Golden Wok”.  No need for further explanation. The lovely outfits on those  windows  of old, never failed to capture our gaze as we passed that lovely draper shop on our way to school or whatever. One of the big windows for menswear and the other for ladies.  At times they rolled  some large timber crates outside the door and displayed some of their wares on them.  Even when we got our motor cars, it was always possible to steal a glimpse of the style as we negotiated the corner. It will  take us a long time to erase that scene from our minds as that historic building enters a new era.

Look up our Website for details of the many activities at our local Library in the coming days and weeks. 45Drive at the Day Centre tonight from 8.30.  At Ballydaly on Sunday nights and Cullen Wednesday nights. Active Retired annual Christmas Dinner at the Wallis Arms 2pm on Saturday December 10th. With Peter Lane to provide the entertainment. For details ring Mary 087 0537172.

Again please give generously to the St.V de Paul church gate collections this weekend. The need it great.

Agus sin a bhfuil, a chairde, have a good week , Slán.


2 thoughts on “Eily’s Report – 6th December”

  1. Thank you, Eily, for your lovely December 6th report. The Christmas spirit is certainly in the air around Millstreet. I can feel your excitement. Your writing skills are superb!
    Have a very happy and holy Christmas season.
    Best wishes,
    Sheila Keogh, California USA

    1. Hear hear Sheila, we are so blessed in Millstreet to have Eily and Sean and many more stalwarts who enhance our lives by submitting superb reports and supports on a regular basis. Ye are our treasures for sure.

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