A Day of Floods

Last night brought torrential rain to Munster, but Millstreet seems to have been one of the worst affected spots. The rain gauge at Tubrid measured 78.1mm from when the rain started at 8pm last night to when it stopped at lunch time today. After a very wet fortnight, all this excess rain had nowhere to go but into the rivers which  flooded everywhere. The river gauge at Keale Bridge  reached its maximum at about 2:30pm today, and flooding has been going down quickly since. Below are some photos of the flooding from around Millstreet.


The water height reached its maximum at about 2:30pm today [Keale Bridge water gauge]

Flooding at Drishane Bridge by Alan

Flooding at the hospital cross and a video of the gushing water at Inchileigh Bridge by Neil.

Still a few metres to go for the water to get up to the new Bridge at the Bóing [Eileen]



Meanwhile at football training in Glenflesk:


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