Murphy – Shannaknuck

My name is Kevin Murphy. I am a new coadmin of the Murphy DNA project through familytreedna. I have been conducting much of the genealogical research for members in our group. One of our members is believed to have origins in Shananuck/Shanacknuck descended from a John Murphy of Shannaknuck 1800-1895 who passed at the Union Workhouse, Millstreet.
There are a number of Murphys in our group within the same genetic family with origins around Millstreet in particular, however I was hoping to possibly grab the interest of more Murphy men to test their Y DNA. Our Murphy genetic family is the largest of all in the group by far and is heavily concentrated in the Province of Munster.
I am attaching a map of areas of these different Murphys just below.
Interestingly enough we share a common male ancestor with a group of Northwest Cork O’Sheas and Cork Harringtons within the last 1000 or so years. I am working on distinguishing what Gaelic surname these Harringtons were as there are a few possibilities.
Walt Disney’s great nephew Roy Patrick Disney shares a common male ancestor with us within the last 1300-1800 years and does not match any of the Disneys of Norman origin.
If anyone is interested, especially any Murphys, in this sort of research please feel free to have to send me an email.


I hope everyone is doing well in your parish

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