R.I.C. Personnel in Millstreet

In this page we try to track all of the R.I.C. personnel that were active in Millstreet.

Nominal Return Books

At the start of each year, the Royal Irish Constabulary (R.I.C.) gave a nominal return (listing) of all personnel in each county with details of their service number, rank, name, barrack, religion, appointment date, marriage status, and sometimes other information. The R.I.C. remained in Millstreet until January/February 1922 when the force was disbanded, and the Barrack in the Square was taken over. Below are the details of the personnel listed in those nominal returns for the Millstreet Barrack which are available for the years 1910, 1911, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, and 1921:

8th Jan 1910

Service # Rank Name Religion Appointment Date  
52443 Sgt Mulcahy Patrick RC 25-4-87 /
56316 Bransfield John RC 01/02/94 M
43535 Con Cahill Martin RC 08/02/78 M
56899 Flynn John
RC 01/05/95 M
58402 Sullivan Thomas RC 15/08/98 M
56257 Patrick Sheehan [notes] RC 02/01/94 M

Dooneen  Protection Post:
63167 O’Connell William J RC 14.10.07 S Dooneens PP [find]
53887 Benjamin Jenkins (Jenkinson?) Protestant! 23.7.89 married Dooneens PP [notes]


52443 Sgt Mulcahy Patrick RC 25-4-87 / 1-11-04 M
56316 Bransfield John RC 01/02/94 M
43535 Con Cahill Martin RC 08/02/78 M
56899 Flynn John RC 01/05/95 M
60683 Con Sullivan Patrick
RC 15/04/02 M

Coolykerane Protection Post (is this Dooneen PP ?) [1]
63969 Constable Patrick Flynn RC Single 1/7 1908
56999 Constable Michael Flynn RC Married 1/7/1895 [notes]

1912, 1913, 1914, 1915

No records are available for these years

13 Jan 1916

52443 Sgt Mulcahy Patrick RC 25-4-87 / 1-11-04
62210 Con Byrne Wm RC 01/11/06
43535 Con Cahill Martin RC 08/02/78 M
60161 Lougheed William E
RC 02/09/04 M
62283 Mullane Michael
RC 05/12/06 M
60683 Con Sullivan Patrick RC 15/04/02 M

6 Jan 1917

52443 Sgt Mulcahy Patrick RC 25-4-87 / 1-11-04
62210 Con Byrne Wm RC 01/11/06
43535 Con Cahill Martin RC 08/02/78 M
63563 Con Deegan Thomas J RC 23/04/08 M
60161 Lougheed William E RC 02/09/04 M
62283 Mullane Michael RC 05/12/06 M
60683 Con Sullivan Patrick RC 15/04/02 M

5th Jan 1918

52443 Sgt Mulcahy Patrick RC 25-4-87 / 1-11-04
62210 Con Byrne Wm RC 01/11/06
43535 Con Cahill Martin RC 08/02/78 M
63563 Con Deegan Thomas J RC 23/04/08 M
60161 Lougheed William E RC 02/09/04 M
60683 Con Sullivan Patrick RC 15/04/02 M


52443 Sgt Mulcahy Patrick RC 25-4-87 / 1-11-04
62210 Con Byrne Wm RC 01/11/06 M
43535 Con Cahill Martin RC 08/02/78 M
63563 Con Deegan Thomas J RC 23/04/08 M
60161 Lougheed William E RC 02/09/04 M
66027 Con Stenson Patrick RC 17/07/11 S
60683 Con Sullivan Patrick RC 15/04/02 M

14th Jan 1920


52443 Sgt Mulcahy Patrick RC 25-4-87 / 1-11-04
62210 Con Byrne Wm RC 1-11-06 / 1-9-20
63563 Con Deegan Thomas J RC 23/04/08 M
64127 Hickey Thomas RC 13/07/08 M
61765 Lydon Matthew J RC 26/03/06 M
62739 McAuliffe John RC 01/07/07 M
60683 Con Sullivan Patrick RC 15/04/02 M


What becomes abundantly clear here is the jump in personnel from seven in 1920 to twenty one in 1921, and thirty six in the photo below taken later in 1921. This was due mainly to the influx of the auxiliaries and the black & tans at that time. In 1921 for the first time we see protestants on the list.


62210 Sgt Byrne Wm RC 1-11-06 / 1-9-20 M
52443 Sgt Mulcahy Patrick RC 25-4-87 / 1-11-04 M
60683 Sgt Sullivan Patrick RC 15-4-02 / 1-8-20 M
73169 Con Adey, George.
(2 Acfold Road, Fulham. Clerk, ex marine. born 12/11/00) [notes]
P 21/09/20 S
71037 Con Barry James RC 13/04/20 M
63563 Con Deegan Thomas J RC 23/04/08 M
61391 Con Dowd Michael J RC 15/05/05 M
73329 Con Duckham G.H.S
(labourer, born 6 may.1900)
Executed near Clondrohid in June 1921 when returning from his wedding
P 24/09/20 S
73328 Con Duckham Wm H.
(born 1901. 4 Bridle Path, Beddington, Surrey)
P 24/09/20 S
73332 Con Jackson Ernest Edward P 24/09/20 M
68765 Con Joyce John RC 03/10/16 S
69781 King James RC 01/07/19 S
61765 Lydon Matthew Joseph RC 26/03/06 M
63385 Meade James RC 24/10/07 M
67850 Murphy James Joseph RC 18/05/14 S
64514 McGrath William RC 15/12/08 S
73311 Pennyfather Charles A
(Cork Cutter from London. born 18/12/97)
P 24/09/20 S
71116 Reynolds Paul RC 22/04/20 S
64100 Ryan Joseph RC 09/07/08 M
71833 Sands (Sandys?) Henry William P 06/07/20 S
69704 Somers Daniel RC 01/05/19 S
71945 Stone Herbert John
(born 01/06/91, Banker, ex-soldier, 19 jun 20 to ?)
P 19/07/20 S
From Picture Millstreet. The little girl in front is Patricia Deegan, with her father Sergeant Thomas J Deegan.


1901 Census

1901 census: Millstreet Barracks: Residents of a house 22.2 in Main Street (Drishane, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Rank/
Father’s Occupation
(Patrick Beirne)


42 Male District Inspector
Co. Dublin
Farmer’s Son
Roman Catholic

(McEntee [1]) [1903]

P 38 Male Head Constable
Co. Monaghan
Farmer’s Son
Roman Catholic
W 43 Male Sergeant
Commercial Clerk-Leather
Church of Ireland
B M 40 Male Farmer’s Son Roman Catholic
Not Married
H T 38 Male Queen’s County
Farmer’s Son
Roman Catholic
Not Married
(Constable John J Lee?)
J J 31 Male Co. Roscommon
Roman Catholic
J 32 Male Co. Limerick
Farmer’s Son
Roman Catholic
C J 26 Male Co. Limerick
Roman Catholic
Not Married
Constable Thomas Griffin? [2]
25 Male Co. Kerry
Farmer’s Son
Roman Catholic
Not Married

1901 census: Rathcoole Barracks: Residents of a house 1000 in Rathcoole (Rathcool, Cork)
The Barrack in Rathcoole Village was at Rathcoole Cross Roads (1890s Map)

Surname Forename Age Sex Rank /
Birth place /
Father’s occupation
Religion /
L C 53 Male Wicklow
Agri Labourer
R Catholic
Not married
S M 40 Male Kerry
Farmer’s son
R Catholic
S P 23 Male Sligo
Farmer’s son
R Catholic
Not married

1901 census: Mushera Barracks: Residents of a house 17 in Brookpark (Kilcorney, Cork)
Mushera RIC Sub Station at Brookpark (Ivale)

Surname Forename Age Sex Rank / County of Birth / father’s occupation Religion / married
R W 39 Male Co. Galway
Clerk Provision Store
R Catholic
not married
(Terence Dolan?)
T 27 Male Co. Cavan
Farmer’s son
R Catholic
not married
D W 23 Male Co. Limerick
Grocer and Spirit Shop Assistant
R Catholic
not married
S J 24 Male Co. Tipperary
Grocer and Spirit Shop Assistant
R Catholic
not married

Was there a Hut or Protection post at Dooneen / Coolykerane at this time?


1911 census

The 1911 census of the barracks gives just the initials of the constables (for safety reasons?). These are expended here using the yearly returns (above)

1911 Census – Millstreet Barrack: Residents of a house 22.1 in Main Street (Drishane, Cork)

Surname Fore
Age Sex Relation to head Religion
(Patrick Mulcahy)
P 43 Male Co. Tipperrary
Farmer’s son
Roman Catholic
(Patrick Sheehan
P 39 Male from: Kerry
a farmer’s son
Roman Catholic
(John Bransfield)
(more info)
J 38 Male Co. Waterford
Farmer’s son
Roman Catholic
(John Flynn)
J 38 Male Co. Clare
Farmer’s son
Roman Catholic
(Michael Flynn)
M 36 Male Co. Sligo
Farmer’s son
Roman Catholic
(Patrick Kelleher)


30 Male From Scotland
Grocer’s Assistant
Roman Catholic

1911 census:  Residents of a house 1000 in Coolykeerane (Coomlogane, Cork)
The ‘I’ initial is an incorrect transcription on the census website. It should read ‘J’, which correlates with the Nominal Return Books

Surname Fore
Age Sex Relation to head Religion
(Martin Cahill?)
M 55 Male Co. Clare
farmer’s son
R Catholic
(Benjamin Jenkinson)
B 42 Male Co. Galway
C of Ireland

1911 census: Residents of a house 39 in Rathcool (Rathcool, Cork)
Rathcoole Sub Barrack (Kanturk District)

Surname Fore
Age Sex Relation to head Religion
A C 46 Male Roman Catholic
N J 50 Male Roman Catholic
OC M 25 Male Roman Catholic
T D 24 Male Roman Catholic

1911 census: Residents of a house 16.2 in Cloonbannin East (Skagh, Cork)
Clonbanin Station (Kanturk District)

Surname Fore
Age Sex Relation to head Religion
D J 46 Male Roman Catholic
S I 42 Male Roman Catholic
M N J 34 Male Roman Catholic
D C 31 Male Church of Ireland
M A 27 Male Roman Catholic
M J 25 Male Roman Catholic

1911 census: Residents of a house 25 in Cullen Town (Cullen, Cork)
Cullen Barrack (Kanturk district)

Surname Fore
Age Sex Relation to head Religion
D W 44 Male Roman Catholic
O S D E 28 Male Roman Catholic
C M 24 Male Roman Catholic
L C J 23 Male Roman Catholic
N D 23 Male Roman Catholic

These are further names who are mentioned in the Millstreet Area. Mostly Auxiliaries (L Company, Mount Leader):
Brierley Walter Constable 77877
George Henry William Thomas Constable 80848,  L Company (Auxiliary) injured at Rathcoole Ambush
Murphy Michael Constable 70818
Pyrah Herbert Constable 77579, L Company, (Auxiliary)
Spyer Charles William Constable 78385 L Company, (Auxiliary) injured at Rathcoole Ambush

TODO: where was Patrick Sullivan for the 1911 census. It looks like he was transferred here in 1911


Sergeants in Charge

1851-53: Rathcool. Millstreet, 3 E. Cork Kanturk James Mather

1851-53: Rathcool Millstreet, 3 E. Cork Kanturk Jer. Hannin

1893-1896: Knocknagoppul .Macroom.9 W. Cork Millstreet Cor. Coughlan,ar

1884-1887: Murphy, Tim, 24914 W. Cork  Millstreet

1888 Jan: John O’Brien

1886 July : 1889 Jan: 1889 July: O’Brien, John, 36925 [2]

July 1890: Millstreet W. Cork Stevenson. J. V.

1887-1890: Coolykerane Millstreet, 4. W. Cork Millstreet J. W. Johnston

1891 Jan: 1891 July:  Millstreet W. Cork Bigley, William

1890-1903: Millstreet W. Cork Bigley, William

c.1893. Knocknagoppul. W. Cork Millstreet Wm. Alister

1894:, 1893, 1893 July, : Millstreet W. Cork Bonis, James

1896-99: J.W.B. Johnston

1896-1899: Mushera, Millstreet, 6.5 W. Cork, Millstreet, T. Ruddock as
1896-99: Ballyvonrney W. Cork Millstreet P. O’Sullivan

1896-99: P O’Sullivan

1899-1902: Mushera, Millstreet, 6g W. Cork Millstreet Michael D’Arcy

1902-1905:  Mushera. Millstreet. 6; W. Cork Millstreel;

1903: Kiimakerogne, Ballyvoige, 2 W. Cork Millstreet Hy. Jackson. as ????

1902-1905: Beirne, Patrick 1904 W. Cork Millstreet, District Inspector

1903-1905: Ballinagree W. Cork Millstreet John O’Connell

1905 Jan: 7Gillis, Charles H. 1 Oct., 1904 Millstreet

Sergeant in Charge:
P. O’Sullivan

M. Brennan a.s.

Millstreet M. M’Nnmara, c
TODO: which years????

1899?: James Ryan a.c. (acting sergeant) (1907 sergeant in Ballyvourney)

July 1900: James Ryan Acting Sergeant

July 1901: James Ryan

???: Thomas Delaney, c (constable?)

(1893-1896) Carriganima (Millstreet) E. Hobcroft a.s.


TODO: lots here: https://search.findmypast.co.uk/record?id=S2%2FIRE%2FRIC%2FPDF%2FHO184%2F100%2F01271&parentid=S2%2FIRE%2FRIC%2FPDF%2FHO184%2F100%2F01271



1981 Slaters: Constabulary Station, Main St Millstreet – A. Meeuaghan, lioad oonstable

MACROOM (1983 Guy’s)
Sub-Inspector-H. R. McDermott, esq.
Head-Constable-Peter Duffy
Macroom Peter Whyte
Kilmurry Peter Horan
Ballyvourney Pk Moran,HC
Millstreet Ml O’Connor,HC
Carrigadrohid as Doyle
Rusheen Ruthford Walsh
Inchigeela Patk Quinn
Tarelton Timothy Murphy

MACROOM (1984 Guy’s Cork Alamac)
District Inspector—H. R. McDermott, esq.
Head-Constable—Peter Duffy
Macroom Peter Whyte
Kilmurry Peter Horan
Ballyvourney M O’Connor,HC
Millstreet M Colleary, HC
Carrigadrohid Ja s Doyle
Rusheen Patrick Conway
Inchigeela Patk Quinn
Tarelton Timothy Murphy

Millstreet constabulary district (Guy’s Topographical Dictionary of County Cork for 1889)
Stations at Millstreet, Ballyvourney, Mushera (hut), Coolykerane (hut), and Kippagh (hut).

MILLSTREET (1891 Guy’s Directory)
District Inspector—William Bigley, esq.
Head-Constable—John O’Brien
Millstreet – Peter Horan
Mushera hut –  T Armstrong
Ballyvourney – J Kilgannon
Kippagh hut – Thos Maher

MILLSTREET (1893 Guy’s Directory)
District Inspector- James Bonis, esq.
Head-Constable-John O’Brien
Millstreet – Peter Horan
Mushera hut – James Whelan
Ballyvourney – J Kilgannon

MILLSTREET. (1897 Guy’s Directory)
District Inspector-
Head-Constable-John O’Brien
Millstreet – William Higgins
Ballymakeera- Patrick O’Sullivan
Carriganimma hut-William Swift, as
Knocknagoppul hut: Jobn Neill
Mushera hut- Thomas D ‘Arcy, as

MILLSTREET (1903 Guy’s Directory)
District lnspector-P Beirne, esq.
Head Constable-P McEntee
Milistreet-David Barry
Ballinagree hut -Alexander Largan
Ballyvourney-Jasmes Ryan
Carriganimmy hut-Michael McNamar
Mushera hut-John O’Connell

MACROOM (1907 Guy’s Directory)
District-Inspector—T Cottinghain, esq.
Head-Constable—Maurice O’Connor
Macroom Philip Dolan, Henry Jackson
Carrigadrohid James Bell
Kilmurray Daniel Hogan
Ballinagree — Delany a.s.
Millstreet Patk Mulcahy
Ballyvourney Jas Ryan
Tarelton Wm Ronayne

MACROOM (1910 Complete Directory)
District lnspector- C C Robertson Glasgow esq.
Head-Constable- Maurice O’Connor
Macroom P O’Sullivan,  T McGovern
Carrigadrohid Maurice Kelly
Kilmurray Ptk Gehan, as
Ballingeary Henry Jackson
Millstreet Patk Mulcahy
Ballinagree B Muldoon
Tarelton P Sheehy, cons
Ballyvourney F. Eagar

MACROOM (1913 Guy’s Cork Alamac)
District-Inspector—C A Walsh, esq.
Head-Constable—Maurice O’Connor
Macroom T McGovern
Kilmurry Act-Sgt Rourke
Ballinagree Act-Sgt Cahill
Millstreet Patk Mulcahy
Ballyvourney Jas Brennan
Tarelton Act-Sgt Magill
Carrigadrohid Ptk Crehan

MACROOM  (1916 Guy’s Directory)
District Inspector-W A Egan, esq.
Head·Constable-Maurice O’Connor
Macroom M Feely, W Griffin
Carrigadrohid – G Ahern as
Kilmurry Peter Beirne
Balllinagree – P Murphy,cons
Millstreet Patk Mulcahy
Ballyvouney J Flynn, as (should this read M Flynn?)
Tarelton Patk Mulherin

MACROOM (1921 Guy’s Directory)
District-Inspector—T Dolan, esq.
Head-Constable—James Sugrue
Macroom – M Feely, W Griffin
Carrigadrohid M Lyons
Kilmurry Peter Beirne
Ballingeary Jos Appleby
Inchigcela D Maunsell
Ballinagree G Kiely
Millstreet Patk Mulcahy
Ballyvourney M Flynn

MACROOM DISTRICT. (1925 Directory … post RIC ERA)
Officer I /C .–Supt. J. J . . Madden.
Ballingeary-Serg. A. O’Connor.
Ballymacker a-Sergt. P. Baker.
Coachford-Sergt. M. RabeN:.
Inchigeelagh-No Sergt at present.
Millstreet. Sergt A. O’Gara .
Tarelton Food & Drugs Inspeotors-Sergts. S. Kenneely, T. Fuller, T. Mulvey.
Weights & Measures-Vacant.



Further details on some of the men:

73328 Duckham Wm Henry – 28 Oct 1901 – 5ft 8′ – from London – Protestant – Recommendation: Major Fleming Cl – labourer – 24 Sept 20 – Cork WR – 1 Oct 20

73329 Duckham George HS – 6 May 1900 – 5ft9′ – from London – Protestant – Recommendation: Major Fleming Cl – Milkman – 24 Sept 20 – Cork WR – 1 Oct 20 [link to article on him]

73311 Pennyfather Chas A – 18 Dec 1897 – 5ft 8 – from London – Protestant – Recommendation: Major Fleming Cl – Cork Cutter, ex soldier – 24 Sept 20 – Cork WR – 1 Oct 20 –
Punishments: 4 days pay 2-4-21, £1 10-6-21, Dismissed 23-11-21
(TODO: was he the one that shot Captain Paddy McCarthy at Mill lane on 22nd Nov 1921 ???)

District Inspectors
Patrick Beirne … see his notes
1905 July John Rowan Millstreet
John J Lee

List of C.F.F. Subscribers  (C.F.F => Constabulary Force Funds)
35698 Const John Nicholson, Main St. Millstreet, Co. Cork
TODO: how did the C.F.F. Fund work?

John Kennedy, a Kerryman who served as an RIC Constable in Galway E.R. for 31 years, settled with his family in Dooneen, Millstreet after he retired. His son John T Kennedy joined the DMP from 1920-1924. The Kennedy house was shot at by locals in 1920 (at the height of the troubles) after they heard John T had joined the DMP.

Head Constable (Sergent in charge)
52552 Charles H Gillis 1905, 1906
Patrick Mulcahy –Jan 1907

Thomas J Deegan was promoted to Sergeant in Millstreet on 1st March 1921 according to his service record [R.D.]

Patrick Mulcahy was promoted to Head Constable on May 21st 1921. Head Constable was a senior rank in the Royal Irish Constabulary, with authority lying somewhere between the ranks of Inspector and Superintendent. (TODO: see article on patrick mulcahy)


DONE: Charles Pennyfather was discharged the day after Captain Paddy McCarthy was killed on Mill Lane. Was he the one that fired the murderous shot? NO: His dismissal was exactly a year later – Nov 1920 => Nov 1921.

TODO: who was the M.F. in the 1911 census above?

TODO: Complete, and publish further RIC personnel notes  HERE, currently unstructured and unordered.

TODO:  is the above 62283 Michael Mullane the same michael mullane as Dublin Metropolitan police 1924? or even the same one as was  in WWI HERE?


NOTE: we will add to this article as we find more details


Mentions of other policemen in Millstreet

Patrick Mulcahy, Sergeant (c.1907 – c.1921)
Thomas James Deegan, Sergeant R.I.C. (Millstreet 1915-1922)
Thomas Barrett, Constable (before 1889 – after 1905)
William Higgins, Sergeant (1890s – 1900s)
Martin Cahill, Constable (c.1900-c.1920)
Edmond Prendiville, Acting Sergeant (1903-1905)
John Joseph Lee [notes], Constable & Sergeant R.I.C.(Millstreet c.1900-1905)
William Byrne, Constable & Sergeant R.I.C.(Millstreet 1914-1922)
Patrick O’Sullivan [notes], Constable/Sergeant R.I.C (Millstreet c.1910-c.1922)
William Eakins Lougheed, [notes] Constable R.I.C. (Millstreet ??dates-1922)
DI Patrick McMahon [notes] Millstreet (1897-1900)

Sergeant John McMahon of Millstreet (Petty Sessions 1886)

Constable William Abbott of Rathcoole (1886)

Constable John Reilly mentioned 1901, 1903, 1903, 1904, 1904 left in 1904 (1910 Bantry)

Constable O’Connell (Jan 1900)
Constable TS Lawless 1901 1903
Constable Costello 1903
Constable Thomas O’Neill 1904Constable O’Neill deposed—l am stationed at Millstreet, and on Friday 13th January , was on leave in Tralee , about twenty minutes past two o’clock I was …1905

Constable John Heron 1904
Constable Ward 1904

Constable Ormsby 1904
Jeremiah Hallissey 1901 census, 1894, 1891
Thomas Meade (Retired RIC Sgt, 1901 census)
Head Constable Gillis 1904, 1904 (was there a Gilleese?) 1905
Constable Ahern 1904
Constable Featon(Fenton/Fintan) Kirwin 1904 [ancestry] TODO
Constable Pearse Joseph O’Ryan (Born Australia) 1901 census – main street
Martin Cahill – 1904, 1904
Constable John Arthur Jones [1901 census pound hill with family] [1900 birth of Jane pound hill] [Unknown Jones born Feb 1902] wife Mary Charles [marriage] [wife’s birth (?)] [Timoleague 1903] [son born 1905 in innishannon]
Sergeant J. W. B. Johnston, in consequence the abolition of Caheragh, is allocated to Millstreet.(below)
Joyce, Sergeant 1905
Rowan, District Inspector  1905 transferred to Clon 1906
Morrisson, Sergeant 1905
McConnell, Sergeant 1905
Walsh, Sergeant 1905
Regan Constable,1905, 1894, 1894(fishing)
Hastings, Constable 1905
Power, Constable 1905
Sutton, Constable 1905
Lawless, Constable 1905
Dwyer, Constable 1905
Doherty, Constable 1906
Murray Constable 1906

Buckley, Constable 1894,
Johnson, John C, Constable  1894 (ruskeen),
James O’Neill, Constable 1894, 1894
O’Mara, Acting Sergeant 1896
Maguire, Constable 1896 . (father of Bernard WWI)
Anglin, Constable P, 1896
Mooney, Sergeant 1890

Kenny, Sergeant. from 1887, 1896
Cotter, Constable 1896

Hill, Inspector (Duncan affair 1891)

John Lynch, Constable 1891 formerly in Millstreet
McKenna Sergeant 1887 (link to article) 1890
Flaherty, Constable 1890

Terence McGovern, Constable 1893

John Crowley, Constable Carriganima 1891

Sergeant McKeever -1899(mentioned below with John O’Brien … millstreet?)



John O’Brien, Head Constable 18901894, 1896, 1896, 1891

HC Deb 29 June 1899 vol 73 c995995§MR. FLYNN I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, will if he explain why head Constable J. O’Brien, R.I.C., Millstreet, who was ordered to be transferred to Middleton, County Cork, for a breach of discipline, as the result of a charge brought against him by ex-Sergeant M’Keever, is still retained in Millstreet; and has the transfer order been cancelled; and, if so, for what reason and by what authority.
§MR. G. W. BALFOUR Ex-Sergeant M’Keever immediately on his retirement from the Constabulary brought forward a series of charges against his District Inspector, Head Constable, and others. These charges were closely inquired into, and the great bulk of them were found to be groundless and vindicative. It appeared, however, that on the occasion of the District Inspector’s marriage the police of the district made a presentation to his wife and that the Head Constable co-operated with them. This action on their part constituted a breach of the regulations of the Force, and the Inspector-General ordered the Head Constable to be transferred to another station. The Head Constable represented subsequently that he would retire from the Force in September next, and the Inspector-General in view of this and other special circumstances, as well as having regard to the excellence of his past service, cancelled the order for his transfer.


Michael Evoy who was stationed here, but married Ellie O’Sullivan in 1879 and moved to Midleton after.

TODO: from page 7 onwards: https://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/search/results/1890-01-01/1899-12-31?basicsearch=constable%20and%20%22millstreet%22&freesearch=constable&phrasesearch=millstreet&exactsearch=false&place=cork%2C%20cork%2C%20republic%20of%20ireland&retrievecountrycounts=false&mostspecificlocation=cork%2C%20cork%2C%20republic%20of%20ireland&page=5

Donations after the burning of the mill:
Constable J Shea, do 10s,
Constable Maguire, do. 10s,
Constable O’Connell 10s,
Constable Walsh 5s,
Constables Hallissey, O’Sullivan, Hall, Anglin, D’Arcy, McCarthy, and Nagle. 5s each;
Sergeant Naish, Ballymakeera. 10s,
Constables Boylan, Kilmartin, Cavanagh, O’Sullivan, Connor, Sheehy, and Hannon -2s 6d each. Ex-Sergeant Cregg 2s 6d
Acting Sergeant Gaddis, Carriganima 5s,
Constanble McNamara 5s,
Constables Collins, Lynch and Reid 2s 6d each
Constables Devany, Fitzpatrick, Evoy, Mullane, and Gaffey of Knocknagopple 2s 6d each
Acting Sergeant Ruddock, Mushera 5s
Constable Timmons 5s,
Constable Gallagher, 3s,
Constable Maher Knocknagree, 7s 6d ; 1891

James McGowran, Constable, 1890(drunk)  (the same?)
Tully, Constable 1890

James McCormack (aged 28), Constable (Knocknagree) died at Millstreet Workhouse on February 20th 1914 at Millstreet Workhouse of PulmonaryTB

TRANSFERS … Acting-Sergeant D’Arcy goes from Schull to Millstreet … and Constable Doherty goes from Timoleague to Millstreet.
[Cork Constitution – Monday 12 October 1896]

TODO: figure out the names
TODO: newspapers 1900-1907 complete, continue outside this

Henry Fitzell, Constable was from Millstreet. He was a Constable in Kerry from the 1850s until his death in 1878.

“A cousin of my grandfather joined the RIC – Daniel O’Keeffe of Lisnaboy his father was the Michael O’Keeffe that was boycotted in Cullen. I believe some of the ex-RIC men had the option of joining the Gardaí or take a pay out. He bought a farm with the pay out trying to remember the story … ” [1]

There was an RIC man in Millstreet around 1900 who was known as Spotty. He was here for some time. Does anyone know his proper name?


Millstreet downgraded in 1906
… The undernamed stations have ceased to be district centres ;—Ardee, Co. Looth; Millstreet, Cork W.R., and Spiddal. Co. Galway. W.R. …
Weekly Irish Times – Saturday 21 July 1906


District Inspector J. Rowan has been transfetred from Millstreet to take charge of the district of Clonakilty, in room of District Inspector Walsh, who hat retired pension.
March 3rd 1906


A MAN ‘ARRESTED. On Tuesday afternoon it was discovermithat a number of books and pamphlets issued by the Catholic Truth Society, which were in an open case in the Rathmore Catholic Church had disappeared, and the police at once instituted inquiries into the matter. From the particulars to hand it appears that a man, apparently of the tramp class, was seen iu the vicinity of the church, and subsequently sold some of these books to people along the road leading to Millstreet. Constables Doherty and Murray pursued him on bicycles, and about 7 o’clock in a lodging house in Millstreet arrested a man who gave his name as William Fitzgerald of Mitchelstown, and charged him with having entered and committed a felony in the Rathmore Catholic Church by stealing books and pamphlets therefrom. The accused was brought back to Baltimore, where he was detained. •On Wednesday evening he was brought up before Mr D. A Spillane, J.P., at thy Killarney Police Barrack. Onistable Doherty deposed to arresting prisoner, and applied for a remand to make further inquiries. The prisoner was remanded in custody for eight days. It is stated that the money box in the church appeared to have been tampered with, but wag not forced open. It had been cleared of its contents the previous evening, so it was empty. A large crowd assembled at the Rathmore station on Wednesday to see the prisoner, who was being conveyed to Killarney.
[Kerryman – Saturday 24 February 1906]


Sergeants – Barber, Fermoy: Lee, Millstreet; Jones, Miltown; Mulcahy, in Millstreet:
Constables: Sullivan and Flynn – [reg]

TODO: other sub barracks – mushera clonbanin rathcoole cullen? maybe some of the men were staying there


RIC movements 1904 (Closure of Carriganima station)
Sergeant Rogers, from Adrigale to Millstreet headquarters ;
Sergeant Farry, from Millstreet, the Cavan Force; In consequence of the discontinuance of Carriganimmy, Millstreet district, as a police station, the party are allocated as follows : Acting Sergeant Eager, to Bandon No. 2; Constables M’Namara, to Macroom; Hennessy, Millstreet; and Gilligan, to Kilmurray.
Constable Dwyer, from Tarleton, to Millstreet;
Constable Reilly, from Millstreet to Clonakilty;
[Cork Examiner – Friday 02 December 1904]


Funeral of J and Wm Herlihy 1904
…Head-constable Carroll, Sergeants Crowley and Prenderville, Constables Cahill, Ormsby, Sullivan. Heron, etc., Millstreet;…
[Cork Examiner – Tuesday 05 July 1904]


Sergeant Mick Sullivan, RIC, stationed Millstreet in 1887? [1]

William Doherty c.1917 [2]

Thomas Hobbins district Inspector RIC in 1901 he was living in Caher, Kerry he was from Tipp. was married in 1882 in Limerick – stationed in Bandon in 1884 Millstreet in 1886 and in Limerick in 1890 he died between 1901-1911 [3]

Constable Jeremiah Brennan, RIC 45201 was born in Co. Kerry in 1856 & he joined the RIC in 1880, promoted acting sergeant in 1905 & sergeant in 1907, serving in Tipperary N.R., Cork W.R. (Muckross Hut, Millstreet), Cork E.R, (Killavullen, Ballinhassig & Newmarket). He was awarded the silver medal in 1902 in Cork of the Dublin Society For the Prevetion of Cruelty to Animals, having had numerous prosecutions before the Petty Sessions, was pensioned in 1910 and died in Newmarket, Co. Cork in 1946. [4]

A Sergeant Daniel Houlihan No 55280 from Co Kerry enlisted 8th Oct 1892 & served in Roscommon, Cork, Clare & Kildare. He was pensioned on 1st Mar 1920. He married Ellie Hickey from Millstreet Co Cork on 12th Feb 1901 in Cullen Church. His father was Denis Houlihan farmer – so I guess Helena was his sister. [5]


1901 census returns

The enumerators for the 1901 census were the RIC

Constable Terence Dolan – Tooreenbane, Horsemount, Kilcorney
(from this, could we say that dolan was in the Mushera hut for the 1901 census?)

Constable John Joe Lee – Minor Row, Tullig, Cloghoulabeg, Lockdotia, Lower Mill Lane, Drishanemore, Coomlogane

Constable James Costello – Ballyvouskil, Caherdowney, Curracahill, Gneeves, Drishane Beg, Coolnagillagh (Cockhill), Ballinkeen, Killowen

Constable Daniel O’Connell – Ferm, Claraghtlea, Coolykeerane, Ballydaly

Constable Michael Sullivan – Rathcoole

Constable John Flynn (Rathmore 1901) – Caherbarnagh


TODO: check the other areas


Millstreet Petty Sessions

TODO: fill this section from FindMyPast

Constable Cornelius Coughlan of Millstreet / Denis Sullivan of Liscahane: “That the defendant was found drunk on the Public street at Millstreet in said County on the 23rd Map 1895. Fine 2/6 + costs …”


Constable Lougheed 1914-1919 (Petty Sessions)


TODO: Follow this up:
ROINN COSANTA BURO STAIRE MÍLEATA 1913-21 … › reels › bmh › BMH.WS0034.pdf
He had the idea that we were to take. Millstreet. R.I.C. barracks and Millstreet. Railway. Station, and also that Mallow. Railway. Station was to be taken and held .



Hi, I’m looking for the service records of a John Mitchell, (great grandfather) from Corofin Co Clare who served in Millstreet, Enniskeane and Castletownbere, Co. Cork in or around the 1890s and also of a James Gallagher (also great grandfather) who was from Sligo and served in Cobh, Co Cork in the 1910s era. Hope someone can be of help. Thanks! Evelyn Mitchell [ref]
37348 John Mitchell. Native of Clare. Protestant. 5 foot 7 3/4. Aged 18 on joining on 6 February 1871. Recommended by Major Patterson JP. Married a Clare woman on 14 April 1883. Assigned to Westmeath 27 July 1871; Cork WR 10 December 1873. Promoted to Acting Sergeant 1 November 188? last digit not visible; Reverted to Constable 1 January 1891. One favourable, three unfavourable reports-details no longer exist. Pensioned 20 May 1899. Associated address in pension records 6 Maymount, Friar’s walk, Cork. Pension paid Cork South. Died 1926.

Loose Ends



13 thoughts on “R.I.C. Personnel in Millstreet”

  1. My grandfather was a tan from jan 1921 to feb 1922, i know he was stationed in Monaghan, is there nominal roles for the RIC stns in Monaghan so that i can find where his police stn was

  2. Can anyone please tell me where D.I. Philip St. John Kelleher in buried (Macroom or Millstreet).
    Born c.1897. Died in a shooting in Granard, Co. Longford 31st Oct. 1920. Son of Dr. Jeremiah Kelleher M.D. in Macroom at that time.

    1. Hi Margaret,
      I had always assumed he was buried with his family in Macroom, but it turns out he is buried in the church graveyard here in Millstreet. I presume it is with the his grandparents Philip and Maria Howlett, but I can’t find a headstone for them in the index 🙁 His grandmother Maria was a Linehan, so maybe he is under a Linehan headstone.

      “The funeral of District-Inspector Philip St. John Hewlett Kelleher, who was killed at Granard on Sunday, took place St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Millstreet, on Thursday. A party of R.I.C., under District-Inspector Dolan, marched the funeral, and carried the remains to the graveside. The funeral was otherwise private.” – (Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 13 November 1920)

  3. Is there any information on Michael Hassett of Kilcorney who was a retired R.I.C .Officer before 1900 ? He had 3 daughters one of whom was Hanna Mary .

    1. Hi Audrey, there is a Michael Hassett from Clare that served in Cork West Riding from 1876-1902. (#42543). His pension was paid in initially in Ennis (he was from Clare originally), and around 1920, it was being paid in Macroom. Is this the same man?

      Marriage of MICHAEL HASSETT and MARY CORKERY (a teacher) on 23 April 1904 in Banteer

      Birth of MARY HASSETT on 22 June 1905

      Daughter Hanna was born in 1907 in Kilcorney, giving his address as Killeen. Mother Mary Corkery.

      Birth of Susan Angela HASSETT in 1910

      Michael died in 1930 at Killeen of heart failure.

      1. Hi Michael, you were right with the info about Michael Hassett who is my Grandfather who was from Barefield, Co. Clare and born in 1857 and joined the RIC when he was 19. I don’t know what service he was involved in, but was pensioned from RIC in 1902. please let me know if you have any more info about his time there. Thanks Claire.

        1. Delighted to hear that Claire. I’m currently putting together a bunch of documents on him for Audrey and I will send them to you also. He was stationed in Drinagh / Dunmanway / Kealkil in the 1880s. And appears in Schull Barrack for the 1901 census. He also received 3 commendations in his time in the force.

          1. That is just fantastic Michael, thanks so much for that, I don’t know who Audrey Duffy is but she surely must be related to me, I did send her an email just now also as I have more of his family details if she is interested, my mother was Michael Hassetts youngest daughter Susan, thanks for getting back to me, Claire O’Callaghan.

    2. Hi Audrey, Michael Hassett is my Grandfather, he was born in Trinaderry, Barefield, Co. Clare in 1857, his father was James Hassett who married Ellen Malone about 1840, they had 6 children, Mary, John, Susan, Daniel, Patrick and Michael Hassett, he was in the RIC Barracks in Millstreet when he met my Grandmother Mary Corkery and they married in 23/4/1904 and had 3 children, May Ellen, Hanna Maria and Susan, he died 12/8/1930. let me know if this is helpful to you. Claire.

  4. Hi Michael, I’m wondering if you managed to track the documents about Michael Hassett R.I.C. by any chance, thanks, Claire.

  5. Hi Claire .My grandmother is Hanna Mary Hassett who married Patrick Gaffey of Clonown ,Athlone and he was a Garda stationed in Blarney, Co .Cork .Your mother Susan is a sister then of my grandmother Hanna who grew up at Kilcorney, Millstreet .My e mail is <email>

    1. Audrey….Tim O’Shea of Millstreet made contact with us indicating that he remembers the Hassett Shop in Minor Row where there was such a welcome. It was there until about 1945. It was later the home of the Coleman Family – Peg, Paddy and their sons Billy and John.

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