“Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm Today on C103

Thanks to John Green for advance information on this evening’s Programme.  (S.R.)

After two weeks looking into the future of Bandon town, we head North this week on Where the road takes me. 

John Greene visits Liscarroll to see how this village has changed and survived.

We meet a publican, farmer and poet, three people in fact rolled into one.

Inspired by the Yukon poet Robert Service, Philip Egan has found loads to inspire him into writing a number of poetry books, in a village steeped in history.


His lounge bar is a dream world for the sporting enthuasist.  Egans photo gallery includes autographed photographs of some of the world’s most famous sportspeople.

We meet his good friend, actor mary McEvoy, who launched his third book of poetry.


And we find out how Philip manages to squeeze the life of a publican and farmer into one long day.


Where the road takes me from the village of Liscarroll, goes to air at 7, this sunday evening on C103.

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