John Martyn at Millstreet Music Festival

John Martyn was one of the acts that played at the Millstreet Music Fair in 1996:

As anyone familiar with his story will attest, Martyn was, and is, not only one of the finest British singer-songwriter/guitarists of the last 30 years but is also known to be a renowned consumer of fine liquor. Indeed, the last time yours truly set eyes upon him, he was propping up the bar at the Millstreet Music Fair, a rapidly-emptying bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand. Needless to say, this comes as a bit of a revelation to him! “I can’t say I remember that one too clearly,” he laughs, down the phone line from somewhere in the north of England. “It was a good gig, though, I do remember that much.”Hot Press (2009)


4th August 1996 Ireland, Millstreet (Co. Cork), The Green Glens Arena. Band gig. “I saw John do an incredible 10 minute version of Johnny Too Bad. Gobsmacking. Unfortunately Johnny Too Bad was all I saw. I had been watching Van Morrison’s 9pm outdoor set which finished up about 10. I headed to the indoor arena for Shane McGowans 10:15 set, arriving around 10:10. As happens schedules had gotten behind and Martyn was running late. I arrived to see the stage manager feverishly gesticulating at John to finish up, who indicated he wanted to do one more. John, being typically contrary, then did that awesome version of Johnny Too Bad, to the obvious despair of the stage manager. One of my treasured memories.” (Martin Foyle, 2).


Wiki: John Martyn 1948-2009 (official)


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