Where the Road Takes Me – This Evening’s Topic – “Life with MS” – 7pm C103

We thank Presenter, John Greene for the following advance information re his programme this evening (Sun. 6th Aug. 2017).   (S.R.)

As a chef and chef-instructor, and working the top kitchens in New England and New York, Trevis Gleason’s career was enjoying a meteoric rise. But all of that came to a sudden halt when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in April of 2001. Coupled with the shock, there was also a snowballing effect, when his marriage ended, he lost his job and even his perceived persona.

Putting his life on hold, he moved to West Kerry to fulfil a long postponed dream. Adamant that he lives rather than suffers from MS, he has since moved to a bigger stage. Trevis Gleason is now a leading voice for people with MS. His Blog ‘Trevis S Gleason’s life with MS’, is one of the longest running, most widely read and respected on the topic. He is also on the editorial board of MS Ireland.

In a two part programme on ‘Where the road takes me’, Trevis speaks to John Greene about the shock of diagnosis. They compare treatments between Ireland and the US, and examine the pros and cons of medicinal cannabis.

Trevis is also introduced to a number of Cork Artisan food producers which results in a discussion on the importance of local fresh food to any restaurant. After borrowing a kitchen from a local Bed & Breakfast business, Trevis cooks a simple but beautiful fish dish using their products.

Award winning American chef and a voice for people with MS – Trevis Gleason’s story – on Where the road takes me this Sunday evening at 7 – on C103.

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