9 thoughts on “A Very Happy 4th July to All Our American Friends”

  1. Greetings from Boston, Massachusetts and thank you very much for the 4th of July greeting! I pray we can get the world back to normal soon, and I hope all those in the Millstreet area are safe and healthy! The last O’Keeffe clan gathering was 2016 so perhaps there will be another coming up in a year or two. If not I will be over visiting just as soon as we safely can. Have a great weekend!

    Paul O’Keefe

    1. Thank you so much for the holiday greeting! All of you folks please stay safe and healthy. Here in Arizona, we are required to still wear masks when we are out of our homes! A lot of young people are not and they are going to start fining for not wearing a mask to see if that helps people put on a mask!! I hope so!! Have a good weekend everyone!!Rita Kujawa-Holssten

      1. Rita and Mike – Great hearing from wonderful Arizona on this 4th July 2020. Yes, we all look forward to witnessing the discovery of a global vaccine to combat COVID-19. Stay safe and well All.

    2. Paul…We, here in Ireland treasure the close links with the wonderful USA – especially on 4th July 2020. Yes, the superb O’Keeffe Clan Gathering of 2016 in the Dromtariffe and Millstreet areas was hugely impressive. Keep safe and well All.

  2. Thank you Sean.Funny in all that is going I had a very special experience. The official fireworks in Portland Harbor was cancelled but a tugboat company and numerous citizens bought fireworks and the harbor was lit from one end to the other.All non government sanctioned I might add.

    1. Tom…This year’s 4th July was indeed different – especially in Portland Harbour! Let’s hope that the Harbour Celebrations in 2021 will return to the normal hugely impressive occasion with COVID-19 well gone. Keep safe and well All. Kindest regards from All here in Millstreet including your own Relations.

    2. Tom…Great hearing from you as you celebrated the wonderful 4th July in Portland Harbour, USA in a somewhat different manner! We’ve had lots of messages especially on Facebook from our American Friends. Keep safe and well All and hopefully, please God, COVID-19 will be well gone by this time next year.

  3. Thank you, Sean for your good wishes on this very different Fourth of July celebration on Long Island N Y. On a more positive note, we have more time to check up on things and pray that this virus will go away soon. God bless you and stay safe.

    1. Pat…Great hearing from you from Long Island, New York. Hopefully the 4th July celebrations in 2021 will have returned to normal. Sincere thanks for being such a Loyal Follower of the Millstreet Website. Keep safe and well All. Very best wishes from your native Sráid a’ Mhuilinn.

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