Christmas Snow in Millstreet

Millstreet's magnificent Christmas Tree at the Square as it appeared on Friday night (17th Dec. 2010). The very attractive tree has some 6,000 tiny flashing colourful bulbs which are energy efficient.

Christmas Snow arrived in Millstreet on Friday evening (17th Dec.) and within a very short time the whole area was covered in a white blanket of snow.   Here we share a selection of images showing the arrival of the snow and follow its progress through the evening as we walked through the town.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Snow in Millstreet”

  1. Yes, Delphine, these are the snowy scenes we captured last night…And later today we shall be featuring images of what the Millstreet area looks like today with its crystal white blanket of snow!

  2. How Lovely! My Grand Mother Margaret Healy Kennedy was born in the Millstreet area in Clahoulabeg. It is so wonderful to see Millstreet as she spoke of the town with pride. How beautiful Millstreet looks ! Thanks for the photos. Thanks to my Cousin P. Kennedy for emailing me with the site. Keep taking photos ! Us Yanks love them ! Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2011 to all the people in Millstreet !

  3. Margaret & Christine – Thanks a million for your very kind comments regarding our Snow feature in Millstreet. We are delighted to share such quite unfamiliar scenes of Millstreet. Rarely have we had such a lot of snow before Christmas. We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and may a Bright 2011 bring many joys and blessings.

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