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Presenter John Greene of c103 Local Radio and Correspondent Rosario Buckley have been in touch with us regarding the excellent Sunday evening radio series entitled “Where the Road Takes Me”.  They have kindly offered to share advance notice of the content headlines of each programme.   This is very much appreciated as it guarantees that we shall not miss what are oftentimes most interesting programmes indeed wonderfully researched and very professionally presented by John Greene.   Here we share a summary of the next programme scheduled for this coming Sunday, 2nd Oct. 2016 at 7pm  …  We thank John and Rosario for the important update.  (S.R.):

Having retired in the last few years as a metal fabrication teacher at CIT, Pat Lynch now lives with his wife on Model farm Road in the suburbs of Cork City.

But, what now seems like a former life, Pat was once lead singer with two of the top Showbands in the country. This week on ‘Where the road takes me’, John Greene pays a visit to his home to hear his story and his music.

Pat was born in Bantry, but grew up in Blackpool on the City’s Northside. He was giving tap-dancing lessons as a teenager, and became known as ‘Cork’s Al Jolson’.

While playing support act at a dance one night, Pat was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to become lead singer with the Clipper Carlton Showband, who have since been credited with starting the whole Showband era.

Later, as lead singer with the Airchords, he reached number one in the Irish charts with ‘When we were young’.

In 1968, he was pipped by a point in the National Song Contest by Pat McGeegan, who went on to represent Ireland in the Eurovision, eventually coming fourth with ‘Chance of a lifetime’.

However a year later, Pat and the Airchords reached number one in the Polish charts with an Irish rebel song.

The story of Pat Lynch, and life with the Clipper and the Airchords – this Sunday evening on ‘Where the road takes me’ at 7pm only on C103.

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