Is Acupuncture the new kale

New Beginnings Acapuncture and TCM Clinic - Screenshot_2016-05-13-12-25-22_rszIs Acupuncture the new kale

We all know how popular superfoods, like kale, are nowadays. Known for their health benefits and being nutrient dense they; are becoming more of a mainstream choice in our daily diets. Luckily we are all starting to get a fresh new grasp on the importance of healthy eating and what it means to take care of ourselves holistically in general.

I can honestly that, as well as healthy eating becoming more important, so are natural therapies like acupuncture and they are just as powerful :-). Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for a couple of thousand years and is still just as relevant as a medicine today. It covers such a broad spectrum of health complaints including;

  • all kinds of digestive problems
  • low energy and energy slumps during the day
  • fatigue
  • sleep issues
  • stress related problems e.g irritability, hypochondriac pain, anger, weepiness, pain
  • anxiety and many other mental/emotional struggles
  • pain; dull, achy pain, acute, chronic, muscular, nerve pain
  • menstruation concerns
  • enhances fertility for both men and women and supports the Assisted Reproductive process
  • supports women throughout pregnancy
  • support for teenagers throughout a large range of difficulties
  • can enhance a person’s mood within an hour of treatment

Chinese medicine including Acupuncture is gentle and can compliment other treatments you are experiencing. It is a vital element in the future of health and Integrative medicine.

Kathleen and Sarah
Kathleen and Sarah

Here in our clinic in Dooneen we combine Acupuncture with other complimentary therapies to enhance results.

♥ Kathleen uses Chinese Herbs to make a treatment stronger and also routinely uses her Bio-resonance machine which gently scans your body’s magnetic frequency to pick up on vulnerable areas that might indicate allergies, pain, menstrual difficulties, toxins and more. She also uses this to help her clients through emotional upheavals or blockages that might be impeding their healing.

♥ Sarah is trained in Naturopathy and uses this to compliment her treatment by looking at diet, supplements, Bach Flowers and more that they can take home with them. She also practices Aromatouch Massage which uses powerful essential oils in a gentle massage technique to optimize health.

Self care is something we feel strongly about and it is crucial in today’s crazy, busy world. Don’t wait until you’re sick to reach out, give your body its best chance by tapping into natural and modern medicine.

Call us today to book your appointment;

Kathleen – 0862670068
Sarah – 0873914627
Home – 029 70498

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