Programme for the Kanturk’s “Féile Chomórtha 1916”

2016-04-21 Programme for the Kanturk Feile - posterThe schedule of events for this weekend’s Féile Chomórtha 1916 in Kanturk is on the poster (click to see it full size)

Of local note, Jack lane will give two history talks, and Fr. Seán Tucker will give another, all on Saturday morning / afternoon.

“The 1918 Election – the ignored centenary” by Jack Lane:  The result of the 1918 Election and the Government’s response to the result was the main factor that led to the War of Independence yet it does not feature as an event that is included in the decade of commemorations. It is treated as a footnote in history. This talk seeks to put that election in its true perspective. Jack Lane is a member of the Aubane Historical Society which has published a large number of publications on Irish history.

“The Irish Bulletin, the daily paper of the Irish Government, 1919-1921” by Jack Lane: This publication was a vital part of the War of Independence but has never been reprinted and hardly features in the history of the period though it is about the most informative record of the war. This talk is an introduction to the paper which the Aubane Historical Society began reprinting and 3 volumes are now in print. They will be available at a special rate at the Féile.

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