Bicycle in the Porch

1909 St.Patrick's Church Millstreet - Bicycle in the Doorway 02In this photo a bicycle rests in the front porch of St.Patrick’s Church, Millstreet. It is a zoomed-in image from one of the William Lawrence photos which was taken about 1910.

We don’t think anyone noticed the bicycle previously. Thanks to Mary for pointing it out.

Another interesting detail which can be seen in the full photo (again when you zoom in) are the rosary beads hanging on the railings and gates on the left and right of the entrance from the street.

The full photo can be seen on the NLI website here.

The grave in front of the door was that of Canon Griffin who died on 22nd February 1899. It was relocated to the right as you enter the church yard when the church was rebuilt in the early 1930s.


There is an earlier image of St.Patrick’s Church in the Lawrence Collection (here), which must have been taken in the very early 1900s, because there is no headstone on Canon Griffin’s grave, only a railing around it, and what look like fresh flowers laying on the grave.

In that earlier photo, it is also noticable that the front window of the church is plain window, whereas the later photo is stained glass.



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