David and Katie interview on the Marian Finucane Show

2016-01-23 Katie Healy and David Nolan.jpgKilcorney man David Nolan and his fiancée Katie Healy, who survived the November terrorist attack on Paris venue the Bataclan Theatre, have paid tribute to the Parisians who helped them in the aftermath of the atrocity, describing them as “fantastic people”.

In a heart-rending interview on Saturday’s Marian Finucane Show on RTÉ Radio 1, the newly engaged couple recounted the events of Friday November 13 and the days that followed.

They also talked about evacuating from the Shelbourne Hotel during a fire alarm and how difficult life gets when you’re disabled (more).

The podcast is from the RTÉ website here (or here as an mp3), and the interview starts at 3:06 in the audio. It is reported by RTÉ news here.

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