LTV2 Millstreet Programme 269 now Online

On this weeks Programme we go over to the Launch of the Vintage Display Weekend held over in Lackabawn during the Summer which was hosted by the Barry Family, we check out a Steam Train that stopped at Millstreet Railway Station, and we have Music from Peter Lane, Patrick O`Sullivan, and Joe Guerin. We hope you enjoy our latest programme. 

Program Schedule

00:00 Ballydaly man Joe Guerin sings “It’s Friday” by Dean Brody

02:55 Sean Murphy & Seán Radley in studio talk about the Millstreet Calendar, Tommy O’Brien, the Gramaphone Circle, A notebook from Barrett’s shop in the Square dating back to 1925 which was donated to the Museum recently, the magician at the 5th birthday at the Pub, the new swan in the fountain at West End.

12:00 Patrick O’Sullivan sings Red Haired Mary

14:45 Vintage in Lackabane with the Barry family back in August 2015

– 18:00 Millstreet Pipe Band play

– 21:55 Dan Barry talks about the history of the collection and how the day came about

– 26:00 Viewing the machinery

27:27 Introducing the launch of Peter Lane’s DVD in 2006 at Darby O’Gill’s in Killarney

– 30:30 Singing and dancing from the DVD launch from Darby O’Gill’s

41:45 Back in studio, Brendan talks to Seán about a his new electronic tablet, how he uses it to look up LTV2,, and to connect with his family up the country with skype, and they introduce the final section of the programme – the day the steam train came to Millstreet a few months ago.

49:55 At Millstreet Railway Station for the arrival of a steam train during the year.

1:01:45 An evening with Michael Collins

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2 thoughts on “LTV2 Millstreet Programme 269 now Online”

  1. Russell – Delighted that you view our programmes on LTV2 Millstreet in beautiful Brisbane. We would very much encourage Viewers to let us know (as Russell very kindly has done) where in the world you are viewing our community local television. We intend to devote a little segment in our weekly programmes where we would love to extend Millstreet Greetings to such loyal Viewers. Many thanks.

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