On Clara In July

The little mottled brown skylark of human kind shy
Up to the cloud World does sing as he fly
A musical speck in the blue and gray sky
Above Clara mountain in summery July

When the whortleberries the tiny blue fruits of the heather are ripe for to eat
From Nature to the taste buds such a tasty treat
From the slopes of Clara on a clear day on the higher ground
The scenery breathtaking for many kilometers around

In the countryside of the Cork and Kerry border so much beauty for to see
The undulating sights of Cullen and Rathmore and beyond Knocknagree
On the slopes of Clara overlooking Millstreet Town and the countryside west of Millstreet
Those old green rushy fields where the rivers do meet

Good memories of what was in me does remain
And often in fancy i climb on old Clara again
A tiny musical speck in the calm evening sky
A mottled brown skylark is singing on an evening in July.

“On Clara In July” is by Francis Duggan

1 thought on “On Clara In July”

  1. Another beautiful collection of images from you, Francis. Thanks for taking us back in memory to those times and places.

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